I Like Turtles: Marlins Do the Small Things Right

I Like Turtles

The turtle survives not by any particularly noticeable natural ability. Not on account of its strength, speed, or any other tangible asset. Indeed, no great poetic alliterations or epics are dedicated to the turtle. No great works of art. The turtle survives because of its awareness. Once it is threatened, it withdraws into its protective shell and allows its predators to … [Read more...]

John Smoltz a Marlin?

What a strange time we live in. I mean, John Smoltz a Marlin? That would be like a Republican supporting this new health care package being pushed by the Obama administration. But seriously, really? Yes. Joe Capozzi, of the Palm Beach Post, is reporting that the Marlins are one of the teams that is interested in giving Smoltz employment. The situation is this - the Red … [Read more...]

Ricky Nolasco Pitches Gem to Keep Marlins On Top

The Florida Marlins were swept earlier in the year by the Pirates in a three game series. In fact, it seemed to set the tone for the Marlins early on in the season as they spiraled downward after starting the season 11-1. The Pirates, however, were a different team then featuring Nate McClouth - who has since been traded to the Braves. Still, the scrappy Pirates proved to be … [Read more...]

How Long Until Gaby Sanchez Arrives at Thirdbase?

Gaby Sanchez left the University of Miami as a firstbaseman, but now is facing his professional future at another position: thirdbase. Every beat writer has been latching on to this story and its possibility, but our own MarlinAddict kind of put the observation out there first. Since he came back from injury, Gaby Sanchez has been playing third base and continuing to … [Read more...]

Marlins Beat Braves; Own Best Record in MLB

Andrew Miller started tonight against the Braves' ace, Derek Lowe but it was Miller who would scrape by tonight. For his first start of the season, Miller was sitting pretty with a 4-1 lead in the 5th inning, but gave up the equalizer to leave the game after 4.2 innings with a tie 4-4. Lowe had given up 7 hits and 4 earned runs to that point while Miller gave up just 4 hits but … [Read more...]