Did Marlins Get Fair Value for Yunel Escobar?

The Marlins clearly made a deal with the Blue Jays that was fixated on the future. Most have different opinions about the direction of that future, whether or not it is a bright one, but the Marlins modus operandi right now is to bolster their assets in the minor leagues and build back up what they have repleted. It was widely reported that the Marlins were dumping salary in … [Read more...]

Evan Longoria Provides A Standard for the Marlins and Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton

Just six games into his big league career, the Rays saw enough in Evan Longoria to make a commitment to him right away. Back in April 2008, the club signed their rookie to a 6 year, $17.5M deal. All he did was go on and win the Rookie of the Year award that year, logging a .272 AVG with 27 HRs while manning 3B. With incentives, the contract could have ballooned to about $44M … [Read more...]

Javier Vazquez Comes Through

As recent as Friday afternoon, and prior to the game on Saturday, his start was being touted as the most important of the season for him. “I think [this start] is very important for Javi, but I think it’s more important for us, the Florida Marlins,’’ manager Edwin Rodriguez said Friday. Javier Vazquez has not, as of yet, delivered on the $7M contract he inked this past … [Read more...]

Rays in World Series; What Does This Mean for Marlins Offseason?

I know it is a strange thing to ask - so let's first give congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays for making it into their first ever World Series. They went from worst to first - and truly turned around one of the worst franchises in baseball. It was done in a very short amount of time as the new ownership continued to stress building with young talent and focusing on their … [Read more...]