Marlins Sweep Nationals and He Shall Livan

Ricky Nolasco

It was a strange night where the Fish couldn't seem to avoid a rain delay - in another part of the country. There was a void at Nationals Park, too. (Both elements must have made the Marlins feel like they were at home.) There was a late night, a triple turned into a home run, and an oversized ginger kid wearing a tight Elmo shirt. No one took the bait on that one, but it does … [Read more...]

Ricky Nolasco Pitches Gem to Keep Marlins On Top

The Florida Marlins were swept earlier in the year by the Pirates in a three game series. In fact, it seemed to set the tone for the Marlins early on in the season as they spiraled downward after starting the season 11-1. The Pirates, however, were a different team then featuring Nate McClouth - who has since been traded to the Braves. Still, the scrappy Pirates proved to be … [Read more...]