The Marcell Ozuna Conspiracy: Trade Bait?


As we noted yesterday, there are some suspicions regarding Marcell Ozuna's time down on the farm. Barry Jackson followed up on his journalistic impulse regarding Ozuna's banishment to AAA New Orleans. Read up what he found out in its entirety here. A couple key things to note - Ozuna is a client of Scott Boras who is notorious for telling his clients to go to free agency in … [Read more...]

The Marcell Ozuna Conspiracy


There has been a lot of questioning regarding Marcell Ozuna's future with the Marlins of late. There have been the usual speculators about his being trade fodder; but then there is something else - why hasn't he been recalled? Ozuna initally was sent down in order to "find his swing". The idea that a change of scenery would get him back on track. Barry Jackson had some … [Read more...]

Marlins Trade Rumors: No Need for a Rebuild


Look, I know a lot of us are suffering a bit from PTSD when it comes to our team and its roster. We have very little faith in our front office doing the right thing and when a trade is made, it is mostly always perceived to be about the bottom line. Yet, even with long term deals cemented for both Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich, this perception still persists. Add to … [Read more...]

Marlins Have Two Heavyweights On Horizon


Recently Juan C. Rodriguez over at the Sun-Sentinel was thinking out loud about the implications of the Braves' re-signing Freddie Freeman to an 8 year deal worth $135M on the Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton. The basic conclusion is, the Marlins will have to pay. How much? About $128.5M for about the same amount of service time - and that would be if the Marlins signed Stanton … [Read more...]

Marlins and Jose Valverde Reaching Deal Described As Utterly False


There are reports that the Marlins are close to signing reliever Jose Valverde to a one year deal - not so fast. Clark Spencer reports that this is most likely a Scott Boras trick, trying to drive up his client's value. Besides, the Marlins and Boras very rarely ever do business (see Ivan Rodriguez post 2003 season). While there has been contact there hasn't been any real … [Read more...]