Marlins Will Be Buyers

Expect the Marlins to be buyers this season before the July 31st trade deadline. Just don't expect them to make any big moves. Jayson Stark even speculates that the Marlins will be buyers. For anyone at BSPN to speculate as such means it is bordering on the obvious and predictable - so you can bank on that. But you can't bank on the Marlins trading prospects away for a big … [Read more...]

Jacque Jones Coming to Miami?

According to, the ball club and representatives for Jacque Jones are deep into negotiations to bring the outfielder to Florida. (Good call, Nolesmarlins) The Marlins do lack a leadoff hitter. Well, a conventional leadoff hitter as they are obsessed with turning Hanley Ramirez into a run producer, hitting him 3rd (that is a debate for another time). They … [Read more...]