Marlins Deal Nolasco to Dodgers, Get Trio of Young Arms From Dodgers


The Marlins all-time leader in wins is now a Dodger. Ricky Nolasco, who grew up a Dodger fan in southern California, is heading back home to help them make a push towards the playoffs. This was a move that was slated to happen, so hardly a shock here. The Marlins made the move for two reasons - free up money and get some young players in return for a departing Ricky Nolasco, in the final year … [Read more...]

The Marlins Are In a Groove: June Swoon


15-10 after the month of June. They amassed more wins in June alone than they have in the months of April and May combined (14). According to, the Marlins entered the month of June with an overall power rating of 92.1, ranking them 29th in the entire league. As of today, July 1st, their overall power rating is 102.9 for 6th best in MLB. They are 7-3 over their last 10 and have … [Read more...]

Things Looking Up for the Marlins?


At the end of May, things were already looking dismal. The Fish were in the midst of a 9 game losing streak after getting swept by their in-state rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays, and were going to face the New York Mets. That was May 30th. Now, the Marlins are 12-9 since. They are heading back to Miami after defeating the defending champion Giants 3 out of 4 games in San Francisco. The city is … [Read more...]

A Glimpse Into the Future: What Are the Plans for the Marlins Outfield?


We may have a slight problem. Giancarlo Stanton is poised to be coming off the DL soon. He is running on an anti-gravity treadmill - no, it is nothing out of Star Trek, just a vest that he wears while running on a treadmill to take his weight off of his body while he runs. He has been showing signs of progress and should be back sooner rather than later from a Grade 2 hamstring pull. Estimates … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Loria Continues to Get Bad Press; Accusations of Meddling

Is Jeffrey Loria the devil? Or evil mastermind? Or just smarter than we all think?

It has been denied yet the stories still continue to circulate. In what is being called "flip-gate", people still don't want to acknowledge that Loria did not make the call. It was stated that Jose Fernandez's start was flipped with Ricky Nolasco because of the expectation over weather conditions in Minnesota on this past Tuesday, but fans are still more inclined to believe Loria personally … [Read more...]

Is Jeffrey Loria Meddling with the Marlins Again?

Jose Fernandez was slated to pitch in the second game of a doubleheader against the Twins on Tuesday. Ricky Nolasco was slated to start the day game - but a switch was made. Nolasco got the word at 10:30 in the morning, went back to his hotel and adjusted. He was a bit frustrated based on the report, but he got through it - and even got his first win of the season. "I was told at 10:30," Nolasco … [Read more...]

Giancarlo Stanton Draws Fans’ Ire; Are the Marlins Fans Turning Against Him?

That didn't take long. Barely a few weeks into the season and the Marlins "faithful" is already turning on its "lone" star player - Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton tweeted today about a "tradition" the Marlins have - they visit a local suit shop there in Cincinnati and buy suits. Ok, so some of the suits are a bit louder than others may like, but it is in good fun. Here is the tweet: Cincinnati … [Read more...]

Marlins Spring Training 2013: Jacob Turner Likely to Be Demoted, Rotation Set

Jacob Turner could not throw strikes and that was ultimately the deciding factor on his immediate future with the Marlins. In a rain-shortened 4-1 loss to the Astros, Turner walked the lead off batter in every inning he pitched and just struggled with his control. Getting more time at AAA New Orleans will allow him to work on his control a bit and focus more on "pounding the strike zone" as Mike … [Read more...]

Marlins Spring Training 2013: Demotions, Lawsuits, and Other Notes

Looks like I was wrong about Chone Figgins. Despite hitting .318 this spring with the Fish, he is not viewed as a valued asset over other options the Marlins have in house. He was released by the Marlins this past Wednesday, leaving the team with 42 players left in camp. That means that Figgins could not displace Nick Green, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Matt Downs, and Chris Valaika as an option. Figgins … [Read more...]

Marlins 2013 Preview: Pitching

Nathan Eovaldi

A lot of prognosticators are going out and proclaiming the 2013 Marlins will be a 100 loss team. Even the Marlins own beat writers, Clark Spencer among them, is projecting a similar record for the Fish in 2013. Even though he says that he predicted the same for the 2006 Marlins, then coached by rookie manager Joe Girardi, Spencer stated that the Marlins then were a less known quantity than they … [Read more...]