Marlins Sign Reliever Jon Rauch for $1M


Looks like the Marlins got a little more bullpen depth. The Marlins signed veteran reliever Jon Rauch to a $1M deal for the next year to try and land a little more bullpen depth. Rauch does have bullpen experience and the 6'11" reliever has made stops in Washington, Minnesota, Toronto, and NY and has maintained … [Read more...]

Is Heath Bell a Bust?

Heath Bell

One month into the season and the Marlins' closer role is still looking unanswered. In an offseason where lots of money was spent by the new-look Marlins, there was a conviction that the position for closing games was solved. Now, it seems, the Marlins are scratching their heads. The Marlins have $27M reasons why they should be wondering if they made the right move. With his … [Read more...]

Gregg Costing Marlins Wins

Sorry, Fredi, I don't buy it. And if you really mean what you say, then the Marlins are in deep trouble. Kevin Gregg is not in any danger of losing his closing job? Really? The Marlins are choking. Kevin Gregg is supposed to be there to give CPR and life support, but he hasn't been able to save himself let alone his team. Sure, he has 15 saves, but he also has 6 blown … [Read more...]