Marlins 2nd Win As Easy As Putting on a Jacket


Jose Fernandez didn't get his first win as a pro, but he definitely earned it. He pitched 6 innings, striking out 5 and only walking 2 while limiting the Phillies on the basepaths and off the scoreboard. Just to push the issue a bit, he also knocked in the go ahead run, Adeiny Hechavarria from 3rd base, to plead his case. But the Marlins would prevail. With Placido Polanco … [Read more...]

With Competition Tightening in NL East, Marlins Look For Sustainability

The Nationals won the division last season built on the strength of young pitching and strong offensive assets like Bryce Harper. The Braves are looking to reclaim their ownership of the NL East by signing the Upton brothers this offseason to boost up their offense and defense. The Phillies are always looking for ways to improve and they attempted to do so via a questionable … [Read more...]

Marlins Get Big Test With Phillies; Marquee Matchup With Johnson Vs Halladay

The Marlins were unable to get a win last  night as the Phillies showed they are more than just a pitching rotation in coming back on the Marlins 3-0 lead to take the first game in the series. This means the Marlins will not be able to make up the 2 game lead the Phillies had, but a strong finish in this series by taking these next two games will help. There is more pub for … [Read more...]

Phillies Up the Ante; Road Gets Tougher for Fish

cliff lee_588x240

Reports are that Cliff Lee isn't going to the Yankees or staying in storybook Dallas with the Rangers, but instead is going back to Philadelphia. Apparently, he loves it there and misses the clubhouse that he joined to get to the World Series in 2009. How did the Phillies show their love? They traded him. This means the NL East just got a bit thicker at the top. Cliff Lee … [Read more...]

Marlins Losing Ground; Could Shift to Division Be The Way?

No matter how many games the Marlins win, it just seems like the Rockies mirror them. When the Marlins lose, that's when the Rockies let up and lose. It is a shell game right now for the NL Wildcard. The Marlins sit 5 games out and have the San Francisco Giants merged between them and the leading Rockies. Is this still a realistic possibility? There are 26 games left for … [Read more...]