David Samson Does Not Survive


David Samson, as most have already found out, just didn't have staying power. Marlins players and fans tuned in to watch the return of CBS' Survivor only to see the polarizing Samson find an early exit. After only an hour into the two hour premier, the rest of team "Brains" had enough. Voted group leader, he ended up getting voted off four votes to two. Some Marlins players commented that … [Read more...]

Nolasco and Stanton Downplay Criticisms From Offseason

MLB: Miami Marlins at Arizona Diamondbacks

Both players are now the most visible players left from last season for the Marlins. They are now the new fixtures of this team and the expected leaders at their positions; Stanton with his offense, Nolasco with his pitching. As critical as these two players are to this team now, they are also acutely aware of how their public views are going to affect this team and franchise. So the once … [Read more...]

Indefensible: Marlins Trade 5 Starters to Blue Jays


Another Marlins' offseason, another salary dumping fire sale. The rhetoric will be that the team needs to save money, it's revenue and attendance figures didn't match their anticipated projections. The team, which spent $191M last offseason, vastly underperformed, too. Ozzie Guillen, the manager who the Marlins greatly anticipated, didn't deliver wins but instead problems and he was … [Read more...]

Miguel Cabrera Wins Player Choice Award, Indicates Wrong Direction for Marlins

Award season is starting for MLB and it's going to be a long one for Fish fans. Miguel Cabrera, fresh off his Triple Crown season and World Series appearance, now is a constant reminder of the wrong direction the Marlins have taken since 2003. Sure, Miguel Cabrera was putting on weight and there were some maturity issues back when Miggy was looking for his first big contract. The amount of … [Read more...]

Marlins hire Mike Redmond to be manager | MLB.com: News

MIAMI -- The Marlins' search for a new manager ended where it started, with the hiring of Mike Redmond. Redmond, who agreed to a three-year contract, will be introduced at a news conference on Friday at Marlins Park, the team said in its announcement Thursday. The 41-year-old former big league catcher was the first to interview for the position that was vacated when Ozzie Guillen was … [Read more...]

Hanley Ramirez and His Legacy of Ego?


When Hanley Ramirez eventually returns to Miami in Dodger Blue, what kind of recognition will he get from the crowd? Apparently, those left behind to pick up the pieces of a franchise being characterized as a "disappointment", a "failure", or having a "fire sale" have nothing to say, except relief. If Greg Cote's article is right, Ozzie Guillen bluntly calls out Hanley for his lack of … [Read more...]

Is Heath Bell a Bust?

Heath Bell

One month into the season and the Marlins' closer role is still looking unanswered. In an offseason where lots of money was spent by the new-look Marlins, there was a conviction that the position for closing games was solved. Now, it seems, the Marlins are scratching their heads. The Marlins have $27M reasons why they should be wondering if they made the right move. With his fourth blown save … [Read more...]

Full Episode of Showtime’s The Franchise A Season With the Miami Marlins is Available

Jose Reyes_haircut

Looks like Showtime is going to spend some time this season with the Miami Marlins. It will be interesting to see our team through the lens of a national narrative, finding the story lines that will matter most to the national audience. It will be interesting to see what issues and views gain traction outside the local confines of South Florida. This episode focuses on Ozzie's return to the … [Read more...]

Twitter Your Miami Marlins

Twitter logo

Just wanted to post an update on the Miami Marlins players that are available via Twitter: Heath Bell @heathbell21 Steve Cishek @srshrek31 Logan Morrison @lomomarlins Hanley Ramirez @hanleyramirez Emilio Bonifacio @elboni_1 Ozzie Guillen @ozzieguillen Eduardo Perez @perezed Gaby Sanchez @gabysanchez15 John Buck @14buckshot Brett Hayes @bretthayes9 Bryan Petersen … [Read more...]

Why Ozzie’s Gaff is Great For This Franchise


One of the reasons why Ozzie Guillen was hired for this team was for his candid personality and his ability to speak his mind. Good or bad, you know what you are getting with Ozzie Guillen. He doesn't pull punches, he doesn't hide his thoughts, he doesn't mince words. He is the antithesis to anything the Marlins have had on their bench in all of their franchise's history. Yes, what he said was … [Read more...]