With Competition Tightening in NL East, Marlins Look For Sustainability

The Nationals won the division last season built on the strength of young pitching and strong offensive assets like Bryce Harper. The Braves are looking to reclaim their ownership of the NL East by signing the Upton brothers this offseason to boost up their offense and defense. The Phillies are always looking for ways to improve and they attempted to do so via a questionable trade with Texas for … [Read more...]

Marlins Start With Win; Sean West Recalled

The Marlins (that's right, with all the vowels back in place) started off their series with the Phillies with a win. Very important because those three games they lost to the Nationals damaged their chances in the standings, but with every win against Philly the Marlins gain a game. Now at 56-53, the Marlins are at 6 games in back of the Phillies. Don't get delusional just yet - the Marlins … [Read more...]

Marlins Grab Much Needed Win Late; Stay in First Place

You would expect a team named after a fish to tread water and with a .5 game lead over the Phillies coming into last night's mini series (not the kind you see on TV) with the Reds, that is what the Marlins did. They put off grabbing a win over the visiting squad until the 14th inning, despite several opportunities.  That is the advantage of being the home team versus the road team, which the … [Read more...]

Marlins Still Alive

With 12 games left, the Marlins are not out of it. And if success for a season is gauged in how long you play meaningful games, then the Marlins are having a successful season as they wind down. Being only 5.5 games in back of the surging Phillies for the NL East lead (while the Mets repeat their choke job from year) and only 5.0 games in back of the Mets for the NL Wildcard the Marlins are … [Read more...]

Dan Uggla MVP? Marlins Take Another From Phillies With Uggla Grand Slam

Bottom of the 9th, 1 out. Bases loaded and the game is tied. Dan Uggla at the plate - and with one swing it was over. The dust settled and the Marlins came out on top with another dramatic, walk off win. Last time it was Cody Ross against the Reds, this time it was a grand slam walk off from Dan Uggla who hit a no douber for his 19th on the year. Chase Utley may be the NL leader among 2B for … [Read more...]

Are the Marlins Frauds?

This is a tough question for any fan to ask of his favorite team - are we contenders or pretenders? Time to honestly evaluate the question that is the Marlins 2008 season. With this road trip going as bad as it is, the upside is that the Marlins are in these games and have a chance to win them. They dropped 2 out of 3 against the Met and Phillies, but realistically one of those losses could … [Read more...]