Matt Dominguez Trade: A Big Mistake For the Marlins

In order to try and jumpstart the offense last year, the Marlins traded away their top 3B prospect, Matt Dominguez, to the Astros for Carlos Lee. "El Caballo" was expected to help create more run production for the Marlins, who were also facing  a lot of time without Giancarlo Stanton, to try and get the team out of cardiac arrest. A few weeks later, the Marlins ended up … [Read more...]

Not Likely: Possible Nolasco For Trumbo Deal Not Happening

While the past few days rumors have surfaced that the Marlins were talking with the Angels about a possible Ricky Nolasco for Mark Trumbo swap, there are strong suggestions that this possible scenario is dead. First of all, there is the Kendry Morales for Justin Vargas (an ex-Marlin) deal. The Angels were able to trade one of their biggest strengths (power hitting) for a … [Read more...]

Is Placido Polanco Really The Best Move for Marlins 3B?

Placido Polanco

What can you expect from Placido Polanco? A solid bat with an excellent glove at 3B. He will not knock the cover off the ball and crush home runs but he will put the ball in play and make contact, and will help move runners along - something the Marlins could not do last year. Polanco has won gold gloves and has been to the All Star game as a starter. The only concerns are … [Read more...]