Giancarlo Stanton Initiates a Shift in Miami


The signing of a 13 year $325M dollar deal will get you a lot of attention. Some of it will be negative. It seems that, no matter what you do, you won't be able to silence the cynics. In today's society, with social media and all of its pressures, it is required that in order to get attention you have to say and/or do inflammatory things. One would think that a talent like … [Read more...]

Andiamo Giancarlo: $325 Million Deal Worth Every Penny


Not saying"I told you so" but - I told you so. There are very few things that this could be compared to. Perhaps when the Heat pulled off the historical deal when they landed Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Lebron James in the 2010 offseason. Maybe this is even bigger than winning the World Series in '97 or 2003. What the Marlins just did was game-changing, … [Read more...]

Marlins Facebook Page Not Enjoying Holiday Cheer

Citrus Grove students Yunieski Fonseca wins the 2012 contest for the Marlins Holiday Masterpiece. Via Marlins Facebook page.

Looks like even though the holiday season is upon us, the Marlins are getting no love - or peace - from their ranks of devoted fans. Just check out their Facebook page and you will see each fun topic raised by the administrators of the page shot down with doubt, rancor, and befuddlement. Ahh, 'tis the season to be merry. Shall we examine a few excerpts? Posted on December … [Read more...]

Marlins Changing Gears, Look to the Future

One of the large criticisms in the wake of the Hanley Ramirez deal can be why did they make a deal for Carlos Lee that cost them 3B prospect Matt Dominguez? Dominguez was being primed as the 3B of the future for the Marlins, but his hitting wasn't amounting to much. Sure, the kid can use the leather and many were comparing him early on to Ryan Zimmerman, but his hitting just … [Read more...]