Marlins and Astros Winners at the Gates; Dramatic Attendance Increases

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Miami Marlins

The Marlins and Astros will square off for a series in Houston tonight and although both teams are demonstrating remarkable improvement on the field, it is also translating to increases in ticket sales at the turnstiles. Both franchises are seeing increases of over 23% - far and away the best increases around baseball. (See the entire breakdown here.) Forbes has an interesting article that … [Read more...]

Marlins Facebook Page Not Enjoying Holiday Cheer

Citrus Grove students Yunieski Fonseca wins the 2012 contest for the Marlins Holiday Masterpiece. Via Marlins Facebook page.

Looks like even though the holiday season is upon us, the Marlins are getting no love - or peace - from their ranks of devoted fans. Just check out their Facebook page and you will see each fun topic raised by the administrators of the page shot down with doubt, rancor, and befuddlement. Ahh, 'tis the season to be merry. Shall we examine a few excerpts? Posted on December 26th, Giancarlo … [Read more...]

Marlins Changing Gears, Look to the Future

One of the large criticisms in the wake of the Hanley Ramirez deal can be why did they make a deal for Carlos Lee that cost them 3B prospect Matt Dominguez? Dominguez was being primed as the 3B of the future for the Marlins, but his hitting wasn't amounting to much. Sure, the kid can use the leather and many were comparing him early on to Ryan Zimmerman, but his hitting just never appeared. So … [Read more...]

Hanley Ramirez and His Legacy of Ego?


When Hanley Ramirez eventually returns to Miami in Dodger Blue, what kind of recognition will he get from the crowd? Apparently, those left behind to pick up the pieces of a franchise being characterized as a "disappointment", a "failure", or having a "fire sale" have nothing to say, except relief. If Greg Cote's article is right, Ozzie Guillen bluntly calls out Hanley for his lack of … [Read more...]

Full Episode of Showtime’s The Franchise A Season With the Miami Marlins is Available

Jose Reyes_haircut

Looks like Showtime is going to spend some time this season with the Miami Marlins. It will be interesting to see our team through the lens of a national narrative, finding the story lines that will matter most to the national audience. It will be interesting to see what issues and views gain traction outside the local confines of South Florida. This episode focuses on Ozzie's return to the … [Read more...]

Marlins Opening Night 2012: A New Era for Miami Baseball

miami marlins park_opening night

The sun was setting as we passed by it - the phantom of years past. Yet, it wasn't even technically old, just abandoned. Sun Life Stadium, the place where the Marlins used to play, when they were called the Florida Marlins, sat like a snowbird waiting in the sun for its final moment. As I passed it there seemed to be a last desperate gasp. We were rolling south towards bigger and better … [Read more...]

Becoming the Big Fish and Rebranding From the Minnow

jose reyes signs with miami marlins

Paradigms can shift quickly, suddenly. At least, so it seems to those who failed to recognize the shifting sands in the first place. If you were watching the Winter Meetings coverage on ESPN these recent weeks, you may have been led to believe that there was a new franchise, an expansion franchise that just popped up on the scene eager to buy its way into the upper echelons of big league … [Read more...]

Braves Choke; Marlins Look To Future

The Braves ended their epic fail season by losing to the Phillies today while watching the Cardinals sail past them to grab the NL Wildcard on the final day of the season. The Cardinals were only 8.5 games in back of the Braves as of September 5th. Meanwhile, the Marlins were closing out their 2011 season by losing to the Nationals in their last ever game at the cavernous Joe Robbie-turned-Sun … [Read more...]