Was Jeb Bush trying to buy Marlins?

Owner Jeffrey Loria, in recent months, has rejected overtures from a half dozen people who expressed interest in buying the Marlins, including one of South Florida’s most famous residents: Former Florida governor Jeb Bush. According to a source, Bush made a “large offer” to buy the team this offseason, but Loria told him he’s not selling. A second source said Bush had put together a group of … [Read more...]

Yankees Sore Losers In Weekend Series With Marlins

Seems that the Marlins taking two from the Yankees is just a bit too much to bear. Joe Girardi and the Yankees officially filed a protest to dispute the outcome of the game on Sunday, FOX reports. Seems Fredi tricked himself with his moves: in the top of the 8th Chris Coghlan was slated to come out of LF for Alejandro De Aza, who batted for Reynel Pinto in a double switch. De Aza never came … [Read more...]

Citrus Series Proves Sour for Marlins

The Rays came to town and leftquite an impression - blowing out the Marlins in the first two games of the series and rallying back in the final game yesterday to nearly sweep their cross-state rivals. Things are getting tougher these days for the Fish who keep battling anyway. Yesterday's 5-4 win in the 11th inning of a Ross Gload slapshot to right field gave the Marlins temporary relief in a … [Read more...]

Gload’s Non Home Run Proves Historical; Coghlan Hits First Homer as Big Leaguer

The score was 8-5 and Alfredo Amezaga was on 1B with Ross Gload at the plate. With a crack of the bat the ball sailed down the RF line and appeared to be a home run, putting the Marlins right back in the mix. Instead, something historical happened: the home run was called off. The umpiring crew got together and discussed possibly overturning the call then reviewed the play. Upon further … [Read more...]

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

After all the trades, free agent headlines, minor league promotions and baseball stadium debates, we're finally at the eve of what its all about....Opening Day. The Marlins can climb above .500 all time on opening day with a win against the Washington Nationals Monday, currently sitting at 8-8 all-time. Coach Fredi Gonzalez has announced his batting order for tomorrow's 4:05 start and might … [Read more...]

Blow It Up! Marlins Beat Mets to Close 2008 Season Down

Goodbye, Shea Stadium. You won't be missed. Well, at least by me. Never been there - went to Yankee Stadium instead. There is nothing that seemed to stand out about Shea except that stupid apple that would light up when the Mets hit home runs. Too bad it didn't light up for the last two home runs hit there - one by Wes Helms and one by Dan Uggla. Both home runs pushed the Marlins past the … [Read more...]

Screw the Mets: Closing Day 2008

It's that time of year again - the close of the regular season. And yes, the Marlins failed to reach the playoffs this season, but considering no one picked them to be anywhere near where they are (except for a few of us here on MarlinsNation.com) we have got to consider it a success in that the Marlins are playing meaningful games all the way up until the end. Only, these past three games are … [Read more...]

Still Plenty to Play For

Even though the Marlins failed on what would have been a miraculous comeback to end the season, they still should hold their heads high for a successful season. They made it practically until the end of the 2008 season playing meaningful baseball - and if not for an August swoon, they may have been doing so in October as well. The fact of the matter is, when you have a team payroll hovering … [Read more...]

Down to the Final Ten Games

This is it, and does it get any better? Well, yeah, Game 7 of the World Series, sure. Been there done that, right Marlins fans? 1997? Well, this series with the Phillies could define our season. It could be our playoffs. With a sweep, we can stay alive as the season winds down here in 2008. Lose the series, either only winning one game or less, and it is bye bye October. For the Marlins to … [Read more...]

Safeco Field Providing Insight for New Marlins Ballpark?

Right now the Marlins are in Seattle and I can't help but think about how much they are watching the stands as they are watching the action on the field. The front office staff, that is. The Marlins have begun their plans to build a new ballpark on the site of the old Orange Bowl - in fact all that stands now is the scoreboard. In designing their new park, they have taken feedback from fans to … [Read more...]