Marlins Deal Nolasco to Dodgers, Get Trio of Young Arms From Dodgers


The Marlins all-time leader in wins is now a Dodger. Ricky Nolasco, who grew up a Dodger fan in southern California, is heading back home to help them make a push towards the playoffs. This was a move that was slated to happen, so hardly a shock here. The Marlins made the move for two reasons - free up money and get some young players in return for a departing Ricky Nolasco, … [Read more...]

Dodgers’ Hanley Ramirez shows old form in return to Miami – South Florida

"That's the old Hanley that everybody here knows," LeBlanc said. "Maybe he is just reinvigorated over there, a fresh start. That's what a lot of guys need sometimes." Ramirez completed his triumphant return to Marlins Park on Sunday by driving in three runs in the Dodgers' 5-0 victory over his former team. In the three-game series, Ramirez was eight for 13 with five runs … [Read more...]

Hanley Ramirez reinvigorated, happy in L.A. – South Florida

"He just seems to be smiling a lot more the last couple of days," Choate said. Choate thought that might be because Ramirez was freed of the expectations that were placed on him in Miami. "It seemed there were a lot of expectations fell solely on him and a lot of blame fell solely on him," Choate said. "It just seemed the more that we started failing, the more he started … [Read more...]

Hanley Ramirez and His Legacy of Ego?


When Hanley Ramirez eventually returns to Miami in Dodger Blue, what kind of recognition will he get from the crowd? Apparently, those left behind to pick up the pieces of a franchise being characterized as a "disappointment", a "failure", or having a "fire sale" have nothing to say, except relief. If Greg Cote's article is right, Ozzie Guillen bluntly calls out Hanley … [Read more...]

Hanley Ramirez Dealt to the Dodgers

Hanley Ramirez traded to Dodgers

In a shocking move, the Marlins have dealt their franchise player to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a few minor league arms. The Marlins are off the hook for the remainder of Hanley Ramirez's salary. That means they are spared the remaining $6M this season and the $31.5 due to him over the next two seasons. Also included in the deal was lefty specialist reliever Randy … [Read more...]