An Opened and Closed Case: Marlins Park


With one of the worst offenses in the big leagues last year, the Marlins are in need of an overhaul. They started that process with changing the roster around at the corner infield spots, adding a more consistent presence behind the plate, and banking on young potential in the outfield. That is only the beginning. The discussion now turns to the power bats in the lineup - and how to coax them out … [Read more...]

Marlins Offseason Getting Solid Grade

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Coming into this offseason, the Marlins needed to upgrade three basic areas - 1B, C, and 3B. They had overhauled their front office and questions abound what exactly this team would do. Would they continue to bottom-feed and be cheap or would they make clear upgrades? If the latter, at what cost would these moves be? Would they trade away their inventory of strong, major-league-ready pitching … [Read more...]

Marlins Continue Revamping Roster for 2014


There is definitely a new sheriff in town. The Marlins have added Jarrod Saltalamacchia to take over at the backstop, signed Rafael Furcal to slide over to 2B for a season, and signed Garrett Jones to play 1B and added Carter Capps for the departed Logan Morrison. And today they sent Justin Ruggiano packing to the Cubs for Brian Bogusevic. So, what did the Marlins get back? Overall, there are … [Read more...]

Trading Logan Morrison Sets Up as a Mistake, Move Backwards

San Diego Padres v Miami Marlins

Ok, I'll admit it. Logan Morrison perturbs me. He thinks Twitter is more important than working on his swing and his defense - and with a guru like Perry Hill on your team, your defense should improve through osmosis alone. LoMo's "tell it like it is/keep it real" persona on Twitter is a distraction. I have seen his tweets coming while he was supposed to be playing in a game. He even recently … [Read more...]

Deals Loom at Winter GM Meeting as Marlins Focus on Thirdbase Options


They've signed a catcher (Jarrod Saltalamacchia for 3 years $21M) and a 1B (Garrett Jones for 2 years at $8M) and even bagged a former all-star to take over at 2B for the interim (Rafael Furcal for 1 year $3M). The Marlins were targeting improved offensive production from both corner spots of the infield and at catcher. Although it can be argued that the Marlins may have made a lateral move with … [Read more...]

Logan Morrison Most Likely to Be Dealt; Garret Jones Offered Deal


The latest reports are that the Marlins are adding Garrett Jones to the roster to take over at 1B for 2 years at about $8M total. If this deal follows through, it is most likely tethered to a trade of Marlins' 1B Logan Morrison. LoMo has underperformed and a lot of it is tied to his two knee operations over the past two seasons. This offseason, Morrison is healthy and looking forward to having … [Read more...]

Brian McCann Still Best Deal; Chris Iannetta, Hank Conger, and other ideas


Great read over on Fish Stripes about possibly trading for Chris Iannetta or Hank Conger, two potential catcher targets from the LA Angels of Anaheim. Breaking it down, it seems that Iannetta's offense is not enough to overlook his defensive woes. Sure, as catchers go, he has a solid bat. But you would be giving up quite a bit of pitching talent to net his services. Hank Conger has a bit more … [Read more...]

Potential Free Agent Targets for the Marlins Winter 2013

The Marlins are in desperate need of offense. If they are to improve on their 62-100 record, that is really the biggest piece of the puzzle they will need to solve in order to turn this thing around. The pitching was there last season. Jose Fernandez is a lock to be the staff ace and there is potential for other starters to step up in Henderson Alvarez, Nathan Eovaldi, and Justin Turner. The … [Read more...]

The Marlins Are In a Groove: June Swoon


15-10 after the month of June. They amassed more wins in June alone than they have in the months of April and May combined (14). According to, the Marlins entered the month of June with an overall power rating of 92.1, ranking them 29th in the entire league. As of today, July 1st, their overall power rating is 102.9 for 6th best in MLB. They are 7-3 over their last 10 and have … [Read more...]

Things Looking Up for the Marlins?


At the end of May, things were already looking dismal. The Fish were in the midst of a 9 game losing streak after getting swept by their in-state rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays, and were going to face the New York Mets. That was May 30th. Now, the Marlins are 12-9 since. They are heading back to Miami after defeating the defending champion Giants 3 out of 4 games in San Francisco. The city is … [Read more...]