Jose Fernandez is MarlinsNation Pick for Rookie With Biggest Potential Contribution for 2013

Well, the results of our poll are in. 39% of you voted for Jose Fernandez to be the young player on the Marlins who will have the biggest impact on the season. Adeiny Hechavarria came in 2nd with 22% of the votes. Right now Hech is on the DL but is looking like he will make his return on schedule when May 2 rolls around. Some of you who have a bit more of a prophetic view … [Read more...]

Marlins Spring Training 2013: Skipworth to Get His Shot


It looks like the Marlins' top pick of the 2008 draft will make the roster and get his shot at MLB service - finally. Kyle Skipworth has shown an array of defensive abilities behind the plate that are sufficient to win him the backup catching spot when the Marlins break for the regular season in about a week. The opportunity came after an injury to Jeff Mathis, slated as the … [Read more...]

Marlins Spring Training 2013: Kyle Skipworth Gets His Chance


It came on a bad break. Jeff Mathis, acquired in the trade with the Blue Jays, was supposed to be the veteran backup catching option this summer for Rob Brantly heading into the season. Yesterday, against the Cardinals in the preseason opener, Mathis broke his collarbone in the 4th inning. "When I went to throw I felt it," Mathis said. "It wasn't right. Right now, it's … [Read more...]

Catching the Future: Rob Brantly or Kyle Skipworth?


Remember in 2008 when Kyle Skipworth was drafted #6 overall and was being touted as the Marlins backstop of the future? Well, that day is here and still, Skipworth is trying to prove himself to be a serviceable catcher for the team that drafted him and signed him with a $2.3M bonus. Meanwhile, Rob Brantly has been firing his way through the Tigers farm system, and upon his … [Read more...]

Marlins Sign Skipworth, Get a Glimpse at Future

Newly signed draft pick Kyle Skipworth got more than he bargained for, but would probably take none of it back. Fresh out of high school, Skipworth was selected 6th overall and signed a $2.3 million dollar contract. Skipping college never looked so bright. Yet here he was, in sunny south Florida to watch his new team take on the team from across the state, the Rays, and … [Read more...]