I Like Turtles: Marlins Do the Small Things Right

I Like Turtles

The turtle survives not by any particularly noticeable natural ability. Not on account of its strength, speed, or any other tangible asset. Indeed, no great poetic alliterations or epics are dedicated to the turtle. No great works of art. The turtle survives because of its awareness. Once it is threatened, it withdraws into its protective shell and allows its predators to attack, waste their … [Read more...]

Would Trading Cody Ross Be A Mistake?

The MLB "trade deadline" sets in today at 4pm. It is a looming thing because right now, you are looking at one of the better teams since the All Star Break in the Florida Marlins. They are 10-5 during that stretch, putting them up the charts a bit. The NL East standings haven't changed too much - the Braves continue to marvel at the top while the Phillies made a big move to land Oswalt in their … [Read more...]

Jorge Cantu Traded to Texas Rangers

Looks like that Ian Kinsler injury turned out to be something the Rangers didn't want to wait for, and the Fish lose a classy player in Jorge Cantu. One last, "hip hip, Jorge!" for the steady player that was left on the heap when he came to Florida. He now leaves as a respected run producer that can play both corner spots and even DH with the Rangers. And you have to feel good for Cantu in that … [Read more...]

Edwin Rodriguez Gets Win in Historic Debut

Proving to be more than just an answer to a trivia question (Who was the first ever manager in the bigs to be a native from Puerto Rico?), Edwin Rodriguez had the winning touch as the Marlins fought back from a 4-0 deficit to beat the O's 7-5. It took a home run fest with Gaby Sanchez (8th) and Jorge Cantu (10th, 100th of his career) going yard to put those initial 4 runs on the board. Ricky … [Read more...]

Nick Johnson Trade Gives Marlins New Direction

Nick Johnson will arrive in the lineup tonight and it will signify big changes for the Marlins. How long those changes stay in effect is the debate. Johnson will bat 2nd in the lineup, according to reports. His high on base percentage (.408) will give Hanley Ramirez plenty of chances to drive in more runs. This is a great thing - Hanley is batting .396 with runners in scoring position. This … [Read more...]

How Long Until Gaby Sanchez Arrives at Thirdbase?

Gaby Sanchez left the University of Miami as a firstbaseman, but now is facing his professional future at another position: thirdbase. Every beat writer has been latching on to this story and its possibility, but our own MarlinAddict kind of put the observation out there first. Since he came back from injury, Gaby Sanchez has been playing third base and continuing to hit. Right now against … [Read more...]

Josh Johnson Named NL Player of the Week; Beats Out Other Marlins

Quite an opening week for the Fish as they splash their way to the best start in baseball, 5-1 but also see several of their players get nominated for NL Player of the Week. The award belongs to Josh Johnson, however, as he would put up some very nice numbers to kick off his 2009 campaign. With an ERA of 0.57 in 2 starts, one of which was a complete game, Johnson got two W's while also striking … [Read more...]

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

After all the trades, free agent headlines, minor league promotions and baseball stadium debates, we're finally at the eve of what its all about....Opening Day. The Marlins can climb above .500 all time on opening day with a win against the Washington Nationals Monday, currently sitting at 8-8 all-time. Coach Fredi Gonzalez has announced his batting order for tomorrow's 4:05 start and might … [Read more...]

Cantu Traded to Giants?

There is a rumor floating around that the next piece to be shipped out of Miami is Jorge Cantu and he may be heading to San Francisco as the Giants are looking to improve their horrid offense from last season. The target? Jonathan Sanchez, the 26 year old starter who went 9-15 last season with a 5.01 ERA. Sanchez shows good strike out ability, K'ing 157 batters in 158.0 IP. Yet he had a WHIP of … [Read more...]

Marlins’ Hall of Fame Infield

That's right: history, baby, pure history. The Hall of Fame is calling and they want a piece of the Marlins 2008 infield. Why? Because they are the first team ever to have their entire infield hit over 25 home runs each. And the season isn't even over yet. Mike Jacobs, Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez and Jorge Cantu have all climbed over that peak but are looking to shatter it now. Cantu, … [Read more...]