Trading Logan Morrison Sets Up as a Mistake, Move Backwards

San Diego Padres v Miami Marlins

Ok, I'll admit it. Logan Morrison perturbs me. He thinks Twitter is more important than working on his swing and his defense - and with a guru like Perry Hill on your team, your defense should improve through osmosis alone. LoMo's "tell it like it is/keep it real" persona on Twitter is a distraction. I have seen his tweets coming while he was supposed to be playing in a game. He even recently … [Read more...]

Brian McCann Still Best Deal; Chris Iannetta, Hank Conger, and other ideas


Great read over on Fish Stripes about possibly trading for Chris Iannetta or Hank Conger, two potential catcher targets from the LA Angels of Anaheim. Breaking it down, it seems that Iannetta's offense is not enough to overlook his defensive woes. Sure, as catchers go, he has a solid bat. But you would be giving up quite a bit of pitching talent to net his services. Hank Conger has a bit more … [Read more...]

Potential Free Agent Targets for the Marlins Winter 2013

The Marlins are in desperate need of offense. If they are to improve on their 62-100 record, that is really the biggest piece of the puzzle they will need to solve in order to turn this thing around. The pitching was there last season. Jose Fernandez is a lock to be the staff ace and there is potential for other starters to step up in Henderson Alvarez, Nathan Eovaldi, and Justin Turner. The … [Read more...]

Joe Mahoney Drawing Raves; Could Provide Much Needed Power to Offense


If he keeps hitting like this, his nickname should be "Bazooka" Joe Mahoney. Through Saturday, Mahoney was 3 for 6 with RISP. He hit his first big league home run, too. His .276 AVG shows a modest ability to be successful in the box, but he he drawing raves from his staff. Mike Redmond speculates about Mahoney fitting into the 4th slot - behind Giancarlo Stanton. "That's what is kind of … [Read more...]

With Marlins Offense Anemic, Some Changes Must Be Made


The good news is, the Marlins have the pitching and the defense to make a push for a strong run. They could, potentially, rattle off 5-10 wins in a row. Then there is the bad news - the offense just plain sucks. They can't scratch out runs, let alone score runs in bunches. Nothing new to report there. The Marlins knew they were going to be challenged at scoring runs and there was a recognition … [Read more...]

Marlins Spring Training 2013: Observations 3/2

Still taken from game against Mets. Yelich would hit a home run in his first AB.

Taking in the game today against the Mets in Port St. Lucie, a couple of things jumped out at me. Christian Yelich is the real deal. This kid is ready for the big time. He could step in and be an everyday OF and possibly win ROY. Of course, the Marlins want to control his contract as long as they can and probably are in no need to rush them. I already predicted that he is going to be a late … [Read more...]

Logan Morrison An Illustration of Everything That Was Wrong With the Marlins


Long on potential, short on production, to my mind there is no stronger illustration of everything that was wrong with the Marlins 2012 season than Logan Morrison. He spends more time on Twitter than he does analyzing his approach to the plate and refining his game. I even caught a tweet of his during a game once - and I am sure it has happened more than that. Let's get something clear - I am … [Read more...]

Spring Training: Stories of Redemption and Reclamation Many with Marlins


Just looking over the roster for Spring Training with the Marlins, many will recognize some of the faces but many will also fail to recognize many more. There are some familiar ones: Juan Pierre, Giancarlo Stanton, Ricky Nolsaco. There are many that will need some guidance for fans: Alfredo Silverio, Sam Dyson, Joe Mahoney. Yet one thing is consistent this spring; no matter who is in camp it is … [Read more...]

Marlins Competitive Spring Training and More

Looks like there is a lot of discussion about things on the field all of a sudden for the Marlins. Let's sift through some notables: Marlins add 31 non-roster players to their Spring Training roster and the Sun-Sentinel has the names. They have more players reporting to camp (71) than wins last season (69). Competitive advantage? Or bargain hunting? Beinfest notes the talent pool and the … [Read more...]

Who’s On First? Logan Morrison Still Injured

logan morrison lomo camp for a cure

Reports are that Logan Morrison, out since September with surgery on his knee, won't be able to run for at least a month. Not good considering that Spring Training is only one month away. Most likely though, the Marlins' young first baseman won't be ready to take the field on opening day. Other opinions start to take shape that perhaps the Marlins have just mismanaged LoMo's injury and this is … [Read more...]