Giancarlo Stanton Initiates a Shift in Miami


The signing of a 13 year $325M dollar deal will get you a lot of attention. Some of it will be negative. It seems that, no matter what you do, you won't be able to silence the cynics. In today's society, with social media and all of its pressures, it is required that in order to get attention you have to say and/or do inflammatory things. One would think that a talent like … [Read more...]

Andiamo Giancarlo: $325 Million Deal Worth Every Penny


Not saying"I told you so" but - I told you so. There are very few things that this could be compared to. Perhaps when the Heat pulled off the historical deal when they landed Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Lebron James in the 2010 offseason. Maybe this is even bigger than winning the World Series in '97 or 2003. What the Marlins just did was game-changing, … [Read more...]

Marlins Lifting Ban on Facial Hair – Sort Of


Maybe the Marlins newest asset had something to do with it. Maybe it was the success he had enjoyed while being a part of a unique clubhouse. Either way you look at it, the Marlins have decided to lift their ban on facial hair - another sign that perhaps Jeffrey Loria is loosening up the reigns on control of his franchise. And Jarrod Saltalamacchia couldn't be … [Read more...]

Is Jeffrey Loria Relinquishing Control?

Houston Astros v Florida Marlins

The best move the Marlins may make this offseason could come without a press release or a player donning a new cap. According to Barry Jackson, the Marlins may be transitioning into a new era with Jeffrey Loria stepping back his presence and control over his club. Jackson relates, through a source, that Loria is apparently happier with his baseball people these days and the … [Read more...]

Michael Hill, Dan Jennings promoted to Miami Marlins’ front office – Miami Marlins –

The pecking order has changed in the Miami Marlins’ front office hierarchy, but the names — for the most part — remain the same.So does the goal: putting the last-place Marlins back on a winning track.Michael Hill was promoted Sunday from general manager to president of baseball operations, succeeding Larry Beinfest, who was ousted from that position Friday.In another move, Dan … [Read more...]