David Samson Does Not Survive


David Samson, as most have already found out, just didn't have staying power. Marlins players and fans tuned in to watch the return of CBS' Survivor only to see the polarizing Samson find an early exit. After only an hour into the two hour premier, the rest of team "Brains" had enough. Voted group leader, he ended up getting voted off four votes to two. Some Marlins players commented that … [Read more...]

Fish Farm: Yordy Cabrera is Making Strides


Maybe you didn't notice, but the Marlins shed players and payroll this past offseason to net prospects to fill their roster for years to come. It was a hopeful move, to create promise for the future, but it has been met with great cynicism and distrust from Marlin fans who cite Loria's past as a prologue to any future here in Miami. Yet, there is one deal that does seem to definitely be working … [Read more...]

I Like Turtles: Marlins Do the Small Things Right

I Like Turtles

The turtle survives not by any particularly noticeable natural ability. Not on account of its strength, speed, or any other tangible asset. Indeed, no great poetic alliterations or epics are dedicated to the turtle. No great works of art. The turtle survives because of its awareness. Once it is threatened, it withdraws into its protective shell and allows its predators to attack, waste their … [Read more...]

Report: Mets discussed Bay trade with Fish – Mets Blog – ESPN New York

Marlins discussed deal to send Bell, Buck to Mets

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Mets discussed sending Jason Bay to the Miami Marlins for closer Heath Bell and catcher John Buck, Ken Rosenthal reports. Bay is owed $16 million next season, plus a $3 million buyout of a vesting option for 2014. That option only kicks in at $17 million if Bay has 600 plate appearances next season, which will not occur. The ex-Met Bell is owed a combined $18 million in … [Read more...]

Marlins Make it Four Straight in Nail Biter in San Diego


It has literally been by the skin of their teeth that the Marlins are on a 4 game winning streak and sometimes, that's the way the game works. Previously they couldn't find a win, let alone a hole to shoot a ball through for a hit. Their 6 game losing streak was snapped with some heroics back in Miami and now it seems they are unstoppable away from the new digs and the Longball Lagoon. With a … [Read more...]

Is Heath Bell a Bust?

Heath Bell

One month into the season and the Marlins' closer role is still looking unanswered. In an offseason where lots of money was spent by the new-look Marlins, there was a conviction that the position for closing games was solved. Now, it seems, the Marlins are scratching their heads. The Marlins have $27M reasons why they should be wondering if they made the right move. With his fourth blown save … [Read more...]

Twitter Your Miami Marlins

Twitter logo

Just wanted to post an update on the Miami Marlins players that are available via Twitter: Heath Bell @heathbell21 Steve Cishek @srshrek31 Logan Morrison @lomomarlins Hanley Ramirez @hanleyramirez Emilio Bonifacio @elboni_1 Ozzie Guillen @ozzieguillen Eduardo Perez @perezed Gaby Sanchez @gabysanchez15 John Buck @14buckshot Brett Hayes @bretthayes9 Bryan Petersen … [Read more...]

Becoming the Big Fish and Rebranding From the Minnow

jose reyes signs with miami marlins

Paradigms can shift quickly, suddenly. At least, so it seems to those who failed to recognize the shifting sands in the first place. If you were watching the Winter Meetings coverage on ESPN these recent weeks, you may have been led to believe that there was a new franchise, an expansion franchise that just popped up on the scene eager to buy its way into the upper echelons of big league … [Read more...]