Marlins Way: Spring Training 2014 Primer


Last year the Marlins entered Spring Training with very low expectations. The pundits picked them to finish in the cellar and with more than 100 wins. Looks like the Fish didn't receive that news well and went on to defy their critics by finishing with exactly 100 wins and not completely in the basement - the Astros proved to be worse. So, it wasn't the miraculous-look-out … [Read more...]

Logan Morrison An Illustration of Everything That Was Wrong With the Marlins


Long on potential, short on production, to my mind there is no stronger illustration of everything that was wrong with the Marlins 2012 season than Logan Morrison. He spends more time on Twitter than he does analyzing his approach to the plate and refining his game. I even caught a tweet of his during a game once - and I am sure it has happened more than that. Let's get … [Read more...]

Who’s On First? Logan Morrison Still Injured

logan morrison lomo camp for a cure

Reports are that Logan Morrison, out since September with surgery on his knee, won't be able to run for at least a month. Not good considering that Spring Training is only one month away. Most likely though, the Marlins' young first baseman won't be ready to take the field on opening day. Other opinions start to take shape that perhaps the Marlins have just mismanaged LoMo's … [Read more...]

Marlins 3B Will Have to Come From Internal Source


One of the big needs this offseason for the Marlins was an upgrade at 3B. In fact, just about anyone would be an upgrade at this point but with slim pickings on the free agent market, there was little hope the Marlins would make an acquisition via free agency. In fact, the biggest target on the market is Kevin Youkilis, whose skills are in decline yet still fetched a $12M … [Read more...]