Marlins Fight Back to .500; Eyeing Contention


Back in 2003, the Marlins lost to the Red Sox. It wasn't just a loss, it was a horrific loss as the scoreboard at Fenway read 25-8 when it was over. At that point, the team was poised to go into a tailspin yet, something happened; they won the next night 10-9 in a comeback win. "That was an amazing night, especially after the night before we got hammered," Mike Redmond said. Coming back from … [Read more...]

Is Stanton Amicable Towards Staying Put With the Marlins?

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Miami Marlins

Winning 5 of their past 6 games (50-53 overall), it appears the Marlins are resurging just in time to make a push for the playoffs. They remain 7 games out of first for the NL East but only 5.5 games back for a potential Wild Card showdown. Things are also starting to fall into place. Injuries are starting to shake out; the rotation seems to be getting some internal help from the maturation of … [Read more...]

Marlins and Astros Winners at the Gates; Dramatic Attendance Increases

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Miami Marlins

The Marlins and Astros will square off for a series in Houston tonight and although both teams are demonstrating remarkable improvement on the field, it is also translating to increases in ticket sales at the turnstiles. Both franchises are seeing increases of over 23% - far and away the best increases around baseball. (See the entire breakdown here.) Forbes has an interesting article that … [Read more...]

Giancarlo Stanton Impresses Nationally, Could Be Next South Florida Star


We all knew that the long balls would be graphic on national TV. As much as we all loathe hearing Chris Berman's tired phrases, and his Flintstone-like delivery, we tuned in to see what Giancarlo Stanton would do on the big stage. He batted 7th in the first round, which gave the event just enough build up to make his entrance all that more impressive. And the blasts came - one was estimated to … [Read more...]

Giancarlo Frightens Baseballs and Holds Twitter Under Siege During Home Run Derby


Hashtags were everywhere. #HRDerby #ASG And then there were the ones we were pushing like #GoneCarlo and #andiamoGiancarlo. Giancarlo Stanton was making an impression. Forcing people to say his name right and even to get his team right. ESPN really shined with their glaring avoidance of all things south Florida with this … [Read more...]

If Yasiel Puig is an All Star, Why Not Marcell Ozuna?


Let's face it, the Marlins are getting gipped on their share of all-stars. Giancarlo Stanton is not even starting but has the best power numbers in the NL. Casey McGehee is in the "final vote" gimmick to get a last chance at not being snubbed (or snubbed again?) despite having lofty numbers in AVG, hits, and RBIs. Henderson Alvarez has demonstrated himself to be the staff ace for the Marlins … [Read more...]

Free Giancarlo Stanton; Seeking Star for All Star Game


Vote often and, well, vote NOW! Giancarlo Stanton remains 4th in the all star voting for the NL outfield. Although the young slugger is helping lead the Marlins to victory, he needs your support. Voting closes at 11:59pm on Thursday - follow the link above to help him out. Heck, here's another link if you are too lazy to move your mouse cursor. It's clear that Stanton should be starting. He … [Read more...]

Marlins Not Quite Ready for Contention; Swept by Braves

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins

The Marlins had put two runs on the board and were within one run of striking in the middle game of their series against the Braves. AJ Ramos, who has been a consistent force in the backend of the bullpen, took to the mound to give the Fish another chance. All he did was make things worse - the Braves "gumped" a few more runs and ended up finding themselves knee deep in a 9-5 victory. Who's … [Read more...]

How Does Bryce Harper’s Injury Affect the Marlins?


In his latest commercial, Bryce Harper is shown soaked in Gatorade hitting a pitch out of the park against a generic Marlins pitcher (who is also soaked in Gatorade). The ball literally transforms into a screaming Bryce Harper as it travels out of the park. Maybe that scream was Harper after he destroyed his thumb sliding into third base? The Nationals are reporting that Harper will be … [Read more...]

Marlins Way: Spring Training 2014 Primer


Last year the Marlins entered Spring Training with very low expectations. The pundits picked them to finish in the cellar and with more than 100 wins. Looks like the Fish didn't receive that news well and went on to defy their critics by finishing with exactly 100 wins and not completely in the basement - the Astros proved to be worse. So, it wasn't the miraculous-look-out season that we Marlin … [Read more...]