Marlins Trade Rumors: No Need for a Rebuild


Look, I know a lot of us are suffering a bit from PTSD when it comes to our team and its roster. We have very little faith in our front office doing the right thing and when a trade is made, it is mostly always perceived to be about the bottom line. Yet, even with long term deals cemented for both Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich, this perception still persists. Add to … [Read more...]

Marlins Trade Deadline: Go Big, Trade for Joey Votto?

Aug 4, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto (19) prepares to bat during the first inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Great American Ball Park. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

WARNING: This article is total speculation. That's right. I am being totally speculative here. And most of you will disagree with the specifics of this article, but probably not the subject. The Marlins just got swept by the team with the worst record in baseball. With 32 wins, and three games at the expense of the Fish, they just bumped themselves closer to the 2nd worst … [Read more...]

Ozuna Down, Morse Up


Hitting just .167 over the past four weeks, the Marlins decided to send struggling Marcell Ozuna back to AAA New Orleans to get his swing right. His average was as high as .289 this season, but has now dipped below .250. He has struggled at the plate; vacillating between his natural aggressive tendencies towards trying to become a more patient hitter. Perhaps trying to work his … [Read more...]

Entitlement May Have Plagued Marlins


They were able to get their best young player to sign a 13 year deal, $325M deal. Next, they were able to lock up another one of their talented young outfielders for 7 years and $49M. A flurry of trades later to add players and talent in positions of need, and the Marlins were suddenly instant contenders. Again. Not so fast. At 20-31, the Fish have undergone a lot of tumult … [Read more...]

Pitching Woes Plaguing Marlins in Young Season


There are a lot of problems that affect a team that is currently starting the year with a 3-8 record. Some are to be expected when you have a lot of new moving parts that still need time to gel with the other, more established players. Dee Gordon is not one of them; he is hitting the ball, getting on base, stealing bases and setting up the hitters behind him to be productive. … [Read more...]