Marlins Way: Spring Training 2014 Primer


Last year the Marlins entered Spring Training with very low expectations. The pundits picked them to finish in the cellar and with more than 100 wins. Looks like the Fish didn't receive that news well and went on to defy their critics by finishing with exactly 100 wins and not completely in the basement - the Astros proved to be worse. So, it wasn't the miraculous-look-out season that we Marlin … [Read more...]

An Opened and Closed Case: Marlins Park


With one of the worst offenses in the big leagues last year, the Marlins are in need of an overhaul. They started that process with changing the roster around at the corner infield spots, adding a more consistent presence behind the plate, and banking on young potential in the outfield. That is only the beginning. The┬ádiscussion now turns to the power bats in the lineup - and how to coax them out … [Read more...]

Marlins Have Two Heavyweights On Horizon


Recently Juan C. Rodriguez over at the Sun-Sentinel was thinking out loud about the implications of the Braves' re-signing Freddie Freeman to an 8 year deal worth $135M on the Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton. The basic conclusion is, the Marlins will have to pay. How much? About $128.5M for about the same amount of service time - and that would be if the Marlins signed Stanton now. If he has a … [Read more...]

What’s Next for Giancarlo Stanton and the Marlins?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins

If this was a marriage, they might be in therapy. Or preparing for a divorce settlement. No one is certain about which direction things are heading but it does seem that the more serious the Marlins are about winning, the more likely they will retain the services of Giancarlo Stanton. For now, it is a one year experiment. Both parties have a lot to prove to the other. The Marlins have to … [Read more...]

Giancarlo Stanton Signs; Marlins Avoid Arbitration


The Friday 1pm arbitration deadline came and went and for the second year in a row, the Marlins avoiding a hearing with any of their players. It was the first time since 2005-2006. One of the focal points was Giancarlo Stanton's status - he ended up netting a one year, $6.5M deal; up from his $537K from last season. Stanton's numbers were not good enough to really challenge Miguel Cabrera's … [Read more...]

Will Casey McGehee Be a Hit Coming From Japan?


What can you expect of a player who was exiled to Japan only to find his way back a year later? The Marlins are about to find out - but it isn't the first time they have gone to Japan to find a big league bat. In the early years, they turned to Orestes Destrada to not only get some PR for the new franchise, but also to give them some much needed power. The expansion Marlins brought in Destrada, … [Read more...]