Marlins Way: Jose Fernandez Uses Unorthodox Conditioning to Prevent Sophomore Slump


Hard work never hurt nobody. Jose Fernandez is determined to put that to the test and also to show that his rookie season was no fluke. After all, the Marlins have had phenomenal rookie pitchers before - nothing like Dontrelle Willis who not only went on to win the ROY for the NL in 2003 but also challenge for the Cy Young Award in 2005 (finishing 2nd) only to be traded in 2007 to the Detroit … [Read more...]

Jose Fernandez Wins NL Rookie of the Year


It just couldn't be denied. The kid was phenomenal on a team that lost 100 games this season and even the members of the media couldn't deny it. Jose Fernandez has come a long way from his days escaping Cuba to playing high school baseball in the Tampa Bay area. Now, as a big leaguer, he has some hardware to show off. The Marlins were 18-10 in games he started. Officially, he was 12-8 with a … [Read more...]

Anger and Frustration Abounds, But Marlins Remain Compelling

Ok, I admit it. I am a Marlins fan. For whatever reason, I have this team fixed to my DNA. I am bound to watch and check the standings, stats, box scores, and any other nook and cranny to see how this team is performing. And some of my ilk have thrown their hands up and are protesting. Well, protesting in their own way - which means they refuse to buy tickets or anything that would directly … [Read more...]

Miguel Cabrera Wins Player Choice Award, Indicates Wrong Direction for Marlins

Award season is starting for MLB and it's going to be a long one for Fish fans. Miguel Cabrera, fresh off his Triple Crown season and World Series appearance, now is a constant reminder of the wrong direction the Marlins have taken since 2003. Sure, Miguel Cabrera was putting on weight and there were some maturity issues back when Miggy was looking for his first big contract. The amount of … [Read more...]

Cabrera and Willis Gone

Fish no more.Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis are no longer Marlins. Arguably one of the best hitters of his generation, Miguel Cabrera was working real hard on getting back into shape when the deal was made. As for Dontrelle, he was on vacation in Mexico when he got the news.Neither player netted a familiar name in return, which was to be expected. The Marlins are in survival mode and … [Read more...]

Cabrera Leaving? ARod Returning?

Right now, we should be asking ourselves, is it really in the best interest of the Florida Marlins to trade Miguel Cabrera? How is the franchise with the lowest turnout and impending stadium issues going to communicate that it is here for the long haul?By trading Cabrera?The obvious answer is no. But if the scenario is painted correctly, perhaps not - let's dare to dream a bit.Let's say Cabrera is … [Read more...]

Wiley Returns to Marlins

In a long anticipated move, the Marlins re-signed Mark Wiley, their pitching coach they let get away after they relieved Jack McKeon of managing duties.When the Marlins hired Joe Girardi, Girardi brought on board Rick Kranitz - the Cubs minor league pitching coordinator. Things looked good last season - while the talent of Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, Scott Olsen and Ricky Nolasco blossomed. Even … [Read more...]

Marlins Win Big on Opening Day 2007

The Florida Marlins got a good start to the 2007 season with a 9-2 win over the Washington Nationals, who were very hospitable to their guests serving up a couple of home run pitches for the Marlins to crash the opener.Two mammoth home runs, one from Miguel Cabrera and another from Dan Uggla, assured the Marlins victory while Dontrelle Willis worked the plate to keep the Nats from threatening. For … [Read more...]

Marlins Update 3.23.07

The Marlins defeated the Cards yesterday 2-1. The biggest news being LaRussa's arrest the night before and his subsequent apology. That aside, the Marlins have some promising developments coming out of that win.Dontrelle Willis is going to be the Opening Day starter and he showed why going 6.2 innings of shutout baseball against the World Champs. He struck out 5, allowed 3 hits and 2 BBs. Not a … [Read more...]