Dan Uggla Reunion in the Works?

Grumblings are starting to swirl that Atlanta is open to dealing Dan Uggla, after leaving him off the postseason roster. In fact, Marlins beat writer Joe Frisaro speculated: If Atlanta can get another team to pick up $6 million of the $26 million Uggla is owed the next two seasons, they'd probably make a deal. Perhaps to get another club to pick up more of the contract, … [Read more...]

I Like Turtles: Marlins Do the Small Things Right

I Like Turtles

The turtle survives not by any particularly noticeable natural ability. Not on account of its strength, speed, or any other tangible asset. Indeed, no great poetic alliterations or epics are dedicated to the turtle. No great works of art. The turtle survives because of its awareness. Once it is threatened, it withdraws into its protective shell and allows its predators to … [Read more...]

John Buck is the Epitome of What the Marlins Did Wrong

John Buck

Want a better handle on how to assess the direction the Marlins are moving in? Look at John Buck. Back in the 2010 offseason, the Marlins leaped onto the hot stove scene by signing John Buck to a 3 year contract worth $18M at 12:01AM. The catcher had a great season in Toronto, hitting .281 with 20 home runs - the best production of his career. When he signed with the … [Read more...]

The Future of the Fish: 2011 A Look Ahead


So now that the dust is settling on the Dan Uggla trade, we've come to learn two basic things: The Marlins did make a very fair offer to Uggla and his representatives. They opted to take their chances elsewhere, looking to get a 5 year deal at around $70+M. Marlins offered 4 years at $48M. Kind of reminds one of the Pudge Rodriguez exit, eh? Marlins brass want to be a … [Read more...]

Reported: Marlins Ink 3 Year Deal for Blue Jays John Buck


It seems the Dan Uggla deal was part of a bigger move to overhaul the Marlins this offseason. With an offense that frequently struck out, and was unable to consistently put balls into play and move runners, the Marlins have decided to go back to their roots and focus on defense, pitching, and "small ball". That said, John Buck had a break out year with the Blue Jays this … [Read more...]