Marlins Trade Rumors: No Need for a Rebuild


Look, I know a lot of us are suffering a bit from PTSD when it comes to our team and its roster. We have very little faith in our front office doing the right thing and when a trade is made, it is mostly always perceived to be about the bottom line. Yet, even with long term deals cemented for both Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich, this perception still persists. Add to … [Read more...]

Ozuna Down, Morse Up


Hitting just .167 over the past four weeks, the Marlins decided to send struggling Marcell Ozuna back to AAA New Orleans to get his swing right. His average was as high as .289 this season, but has now dipped below .250. He has struggled at the plate; vacillating between his natural aggressive tendencies towards trying to become a more patient hitter. Perhaps trying to work his … [Read more...]

Christian Yelich Continues to Awaken Bat


He's only 23 and he's batting .218 to start the season after just having signed a 7 year, $49.5M contract to stay in Miami. What were you doing at the age of 23? What kind of expectations did your employer have for you at that time? Do you think you might begin to press a bit? Try to live up to the expectations, and the money? Of course you would. Christian Yelich has … [Read more...]

Vitamin D: Marlins Defense Just What the Doctor Ordered


The Marlins started the season 3-11. Yes, it was a struggle and most were mashing the panic button pretty early on (we may have touched it a bit...). We cited that one of the major problems was the inconsistent starting pitching that allowed the bullpen to get overtaxed and, coupled with a struggling offense, things weren't looking pretty. Yet, one thing always remained - … [Read more...]

Marlins Spend Inventory; Demonstrate Shift Towards Acquisition and Winning


There seems to be a few different phases in running an MLB organization. First there is stockpiling, where teams build up talent to help create a foundation to build a sustainable identity from that will set the team up for years of winning. At least, that is the plan. There are usually many holes to fill at the big league level which also means there is a need for a wide net … [Read more...]