Solid And High Risk Options Remain for Marlins

Detroit Tigers Delmon Young takes part in batting practice at their MLB baseball game against the Chicago White Sox in Detroit,

The Marlins went ahead and invested in the services of Placido Polanco for 3B last week. The competition will remain open at Spring Training with Kevin Kouzmanoff, Chris Coghlan, and Zack Cox all vying for more playing time there. Yet the Marlins still need to add more depth to their roster in particular, they need more pitching and more power. There are a few free agent … [Read more...]

Carlos Zambrano’s Renaissance

Carlos Zambrano With the Marlins

After a tumultuous career in Chicago with the Cubs, it was another new employee of the Marlins relocating from Chicago that helped Carlos Zambrano. It was Ozzie Guillen and he felt that Zambrano could use a climate change and that this would help him perform better. So far it is working. Zambrano entered tonight's game against the Cleveland Indians with a 1.88 ERA and … [Read more...]

Will Crazy Carlos Fit In Land of Oz?

carlos zambrano_756x567

Carlos Zambrano was acquired by the Miami Marlins on Thursday for cash and one Chris Volstad. Although the kid from Palm Beach County was looking to become a mainstay in the rotation, this is definitely an upgrade for the Marlins in terms of pure pitching potential. But with every reward there is risk, and with Zambrano there is definitely a good amount of risk. If this move … [Read more...]

Hanley’s Knee Contusion Should Be Go For Today’s Game

Hanley Ramirez is examined after his knee is struck by a fastball

In the bottom of the 3rd, with a 6-1 deficit and no outs, Hanley Ramirez took a fastball off the knee from "Crazy" Carlos Zambrano which sent him to the ground writhing in pain. Hanley continued to play, but it was a situation that still needed to be examined carefully, and Emilio Bonifacio replaced Hanley. "I think it might be more muscle than bone," Fredi Gonzalez said. "I … [Read more...]