Marlins Sweep Nationals and He Shall Livan

Ricky Nolasco

It was a strange night where the Fish couldn't seem to avoid a rain delay - in another part of the country. There was a void at Nationals Park, too. (Both elements must have made the Marlins feel like they were at home.) There was a late night, a triple turned into a home run, and an oversized ginger kid wearing a tight Elmo shirt. No one took the bait on that one, but it does … [Read more...]

Marlins Start With Win; Sean West Recalled

The Marlins (that's right, with all the vowels back in place) started off their series with the Phillies with a win. Very important because those three games they lost to the Nationals damaged their chances in the standings, but with every win against Philly the Marlins gain a game. Now at 56-53, the Marlins are at 6 games in back of the Phillies. Don't get delusional just … [Read more...]

Badenhop to DL; Tim Wood Recalled

The Marlins placed Burke Badenhop on the 15 day DL with a "neck strain" or officially a strain of the right trapezius muscle. Might have something to do with giving up 6 runs yesterday, maybe watching¬† all those hits go on by? Just kidding - we love the Hopper and need him back asap. In order to counter the injury, the Marlins recalled Tim Wood from AAA New Orleans. Rated … [Read more...]

Johnson’s Debut a Partial Success; Marlins Lose Wild One to Cubs

Nick Johnson debuts for the Marlins

For the most part, the Nick Johnson era kicked off blissfully in Miami yesterday. The Italians have a saying, you know how the day is going to be based on its morning. Well, that means Johnson will have a pretty good impact here for the Fish - his first hit was an RBI double that he got thrown out at third trying to extend it to a triple. Bit off more than he could chew? The … [Read more...]

Badenhop Will Miss Braves Series With Suspension

Burke Badenhop will be missed - he will not suit up for the Braves series as he began serving his three game suspension on Tuesday. Recall, if you will, the incident that got him there - the two pitch target practice Jeff Weaver decided to take on during the game. The Hopper opted to man up and take down Orlando Hudson in retaliation. This after umpire Bob Davidson warned … [Read more...]