Marlins Not Quite Ready for Contention; Swept by Braves

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins

The Marlins had put two runs on the board and were within one run of striking in the middle game of their series against the Braves. AJ Ramos, who has been a consistent force in the backend of the bullpen, took to the mound to give the Fish another chance. All he did was make things worse - the Braves "gumped" a few more runs and ended up finding themselves knee deep in a 9-5 victory. Who's … [Read more...]

Marlins Have Two Heavyweights On Horizon


Recently Juan C. Rodriguez over at the Sun-Sentinel was thinking out loud about the implications of the Braves' re-signing Freddie Freeman to an 8 year deal worth $135M on the Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton. The basic conclusion is, the Marlins will have to pay. How much? About $128.5M for about the same amount of service time - and that would be if the Marlins signed Stanton now. If he has a … [Read more...]

Marlins Should Be Bold and Land McCann


I know, this is probably as likely to happen as my Noles getting a chance to play for the national championship against the Alabama Crimson Tide but I am going to go ahead and state it anyway. The Marlins should be bold and sign Brian McCann. Estimates are that McCann is going to be looking for a 6 year, $100M deal. The Marlins have done that before (see Jose Reyes) and despite all of the … [Read more...]

Dan Uggla Reunion in the Works?

Grumblings are starting to swirl that Atlanta is open to dealing Dan Uggla, after leaving him off the postseason roster. In fact, Marlins beat writer Joe Frisaro speculated: If Atlanta can get another team to pick up $6 million of the $26 million Uggla is owed the next two seasons, they'd probably make a deal. Perhaps to get another club to pick up more of the contract, Atlanta would throw in … [Read more...]

With Competition Tightening in NL East, Marlins Look For Sustainability

The Nationals won the division last season built on the strength of young pitching and strong offensive assets like Bryce Harper. The Braves are looking to reclaim their ownership of the NL East by signing the Upton brothers this offseason to boost up their offense and defense. The Phillies are always looking for ways to improve and they attempted to do so via a questionable trade with Texas for … [Read more...]

Braves Choke; Marlins Look To Future

The Braves ended their epic fail season by losing to the Phillies today while watching the Cardinals sail past them to grab the NL Wildcard on the final day of the season. The Cardinals were only 8.5 games in back of the Braves as of September 5th. Meanwhile, the Marlins were closing out their 2011 season by losing to the Nationals in their last ever game at the cavernous Joe Robbie-turned-Sun … [Read more...]

Marlins Hang Up Seventh Loss in a Row

The good news is the Marlins ended a 23 inning scoreless streak tonight in the 9th inning with a Mike Stanton hit that helped rally the Fish down 2-0. Then the bad news: the Marlins give back a run in the top of the 10th to lose the game. To add Tabasco to the wound, Gaby Sanchez was up with runners on first and second but was called out on a questionable pitch to end the game. The Marlins … [Read more...]

Dan Uggla Traded to Braves

uggla with fredi gonzalez

Looks like one more ex-Marlin will be joining the Braves. First it was Fredi Gonzalez to replace the man in Atlanta, Bobby Cox. Now, Fish fans have to suffer a bit more while they watch fan favorite Dan Uggla pack his bags for Atlanta, too. To say it has been a tough season for the Marlins is an understatement as Jorge Cantu parted ways to Texas earlier and Cody Ross ended up in San … [Read more...]

Leo Nunez Sucks


No way of getting around it, Leo Nunez just plain sucks. Sure, the kid is young, has a decent fastball and 29 saves. Problem is, he is no where near a consistent closer and every save opportunity he gets is a thrill ride - and not a fun one where you get off buzzin' but instead the kind where you get off and puke and wonder why your back hurts. You want your mommy and you cry and want your … [Read more...]

Ross Gload’s Pinch Hit Home Run Gives Finger to Braves

Sweet delectable justice served with a fist. That is what we like to see. And in this tight NL East race for 2nd place - as the Phillies laugh and pull away - nothing is sweeter than what occured last night. You've probably seen the highlights by now. If not, go to Florida and watch it. Like 5 times. Ross Gload comes to the plate in the ultimate drama - his team is down 3-2 after … [Read more...]