Giancarlo Stanton Initiates a Shift in Miami

The signing of a 13 year $325M dollar deal will get you a lot of attention. Some of it will be negative. It seems that, no matter what you do, you won't be able to silence the cynics. In today's society, with social media and all of its pressures, it is required that in order to get attention you have to say and/or do inflammatory things. One would think that a talent like … [Read More...]

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Young Marlins Fan’s Dance Goes Viral

And I do mean "viral". I was watching a Marlins game on TV one night and then I saw this. It struck me at the moment as very surreal, but it happened so fast my mind wasn't registering it. Then, later on, the video has resurfaced and has gotten tons of … [Read More...]

during a game  at Marlins Park on April 15, 2014 in Miami, Florida.

Casey McGehee is a Hit

This time last year, he was enjoying sushi rather than the sunshine in south Florida. He's a testament to the retooling of the Marlins' offense which, a year ago, was so anemic they should have had their own commercial. Now, they don't need your pity as the … [Read More...]


Dietrich Down; Bour Up

The Marlins made a move after their 1-0 win over the Tampa Bay Rays last night - Derek Dietrich was sent down to AAA New Orleans. Mike Redmond addressed the media after the game, and addressed the move. Basically, he characterized Dietrich as an MLB-level … [Read More...]