Are the Marlins Looking to Deal?

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Mat Latos throws against the Atlanta Braves in the first inning during their baseball game in Miami, Tuesday, April 7, 2015. (AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

With a stockpile of quality starter arms, it appears the Marlins may be looking to shore things up a bit. With Jose Fernandez's return, the rumor mill has started churning as the Marlins are looking to consolidate their talents in the rotation. Currently Fernandez anchors a rotation alongside Dan Haren, Tom Koehler, Mat Latos, and whichever pitcher can stick from the … [Read more...]

Adam Conley Shines at AAA; Gets Call Up with Fish


I was just getting ready to write a report on Adam Conley, who is sporting a 5-2 record with a 3.05 ERA at AAA New Orleans. This is a clear improvement over his previous numbers at AAA. We looked at Conley's status within the organization in the wake of the Dodgers' deal that netted Dee Gordon. As it turns out, the Marlins have seen enough, too. They are giving Conley a call … [Read more...]

Christian Yelich Continues to Awaken Bat


He's only 23 and he's batting .218 to start the season after just having signed a 7 year, $49.5M contract to stay in Miami. What were you doing at the age of 23? What kind of expectations did your employer have for you at that time? Do you think you might begin to press a bit? Try to live up to the expectations, and the money? Of course you would. Christian Yelich has … [Read more...]

Entitlement May Have Plagued Marlins


They were able to get their best young player to sign a 13 year deal, $325M deal. Next, they were able to lock up another one of their talented young outfielders for 7 years and $49M. A flurry of trades later to add players and talent in positions of need, and the Marlins were suddenly instant contenders. Again. Not so fast. At 20-31, the Fish have undergone a lot of tumult … [Read more...]

Vitamin D: Marlins Defense Just What the Doctor Ordered


The Marlins started the season 3-11. Yes, it was a struggle and most were mashing the panic button pretty early on (we may have touched it a bit...). We cited that one of the major problems was the inconsistent starting pitching that allowed the bullpen to get overtaxed and, coupled with a struggling offense, things weren't looking pretty. Yet, one thing always remained - … [Read more...]