Adeiny Hechavarria Stays on Hot Streak

MIAMI -- In a Marlins lineup featuring the talents of Giancarlo Stanton and Logan Morrison, nobody is swinging the bat better these days than shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria. The shortstop has upped his average from .176 to .236 since June 3, and he took a 10-game hitting streak into Friday. With a base hit in the series opener against the Nationals, Hechavarria would achieve a career-high 11-game … [Read more...]

Marlins Losing Continues, But Team Not As Bad As Their Record Indicates

Yes, the Marlins are 11-30. Despicable. Deplorable. But is this team really that bad? The Fish have had tons of injuries. Nathan Eovaldi, Henderson Alvarez, Giancarlo Stanton, Logan Morrison, Jeff Mathis, Donovan Solano, Joe Mahoney, Casey Kotchman - the list goes on and on. It hasn't helped this team gain any consistency at all at any point in the season thus far. Not an excuse, but it … [Read more...]

With Marlins Offense Anemic, Some Changes Must Be Made


The good news is, the Marlins have the pitching and the defense to make a push for a strong run. They could, potentially, rattle off 5-10 wins in a row. Then there is the bad news - the offense just plain sucks. They can't scratch out runs, let alone score runs in bunches. Nothing new to report there. The Marlins knew they were going to be challenged at scoring runs and there was a recognition … [Read more...]

Are the Marlins Snakebitten? Marlins Offense Heading In Right Direction

Look, it can't get any worse. Getting swept by the Braves and suffering a 13-2 defeat over three games is definitely not the way to make a splash with your already downtrodden and cynical fan base. But there are signs of improvement and ope for the future for the Marlins. Take a quick look at the team's strikeouts. The Marlins, as a team, have 61 Ks in 321 ABs. That ranks them 28th in the … [Read more...]

In a Sea of Villainy, Jeffrey Loria Shows the Way

Is Jeffrey Loria the devil? Or evil mastermind? Or just smarter than we all think?

Lance Armstrong is on Oprah confessing that he cheated. And that he lied about cheating. Notre Dame media darling Manti Te'o, a runner up for the Heisman trophy and heart of the Irish defense, may have been involved in a hoax over a story about a girlfriend that died of leukemia. Somewhere, Jeffrey Loria is sighing relief, smiling in the mirror giving himself an "atta-boy". You see, … [Read more...]

Rotten Fish: Are the Marlins the Worst Team in Baseball?

The Marlins are scoring just 2.45 runs per game since the All Star Break. They are 29th in all of baseball in runs scored with only 392 runs scored all season. They are 26th in all of baseball with a .242 team batting average. The Marlins are 25th overall in baseball with a .308 on base percentage. Does this sound like a good team to you? Right now, the Fish are horrible. They are not … [Read more...]

Nick Johnson Trade Gives Marlins New Direction

Nick Johnson will arrive in the lineup tonight and it will signify big changes for the Marlins. How long those changes stay in effect is the debate. Johnson will bat 2nd in the lineup, according to reports. His high on base percentage (.408) will give Hanley Ramirez plenty of chances to drive in more runs. This is a great thing - Hanley is batting .396 with runners in scoring position. This … [Read more...]

Just Plain Ugly

Taking a closer look at the numbers, Dan Uggla might not be as productive as some fans might think. Sure, we love the guy's hard-nosed plays and his sky cracking home runs, but the Marlins can't afford (and with Uggla making $5.35 million this year) to have inefficient players in the lineup. Warning: What you are about to read may disturb you! Now, those are the raw stats crunched by our … [Read more...]

Uggla Hits 100th Career Home Run

Marlins Uggla Baseball

The stocky 2nd baseman with Popeye forearms continues to impress with his power numbers. Dan Uggla, the rule 5 draft pick taken from the Arizona Diamondbacks by the Florida Marlins, hit his 100th career home run wearing the teal and black. The homer gave the Marlins a 2-1 lead on a rainy Tuesday night and also delighted the sparse crowd that attended. For Uggla, he becomes the fastest 2nd baseman … [Read more...]

Lineup Shuffle: Hanley Hits Third

Is this a good idea? Well, only if the Marlins are planning to play Alfredo Amezaga everyday at center.Fredi Gonzalez adapted his lineup to suit his current situation - which is losing Josh Willingham to the 15 day DL (retroactive to Sunday) and nursing along a banged up Mike Jacobs who is having problems with an irritable finger. (Jacobs received cortisone treatment on the finger and is cleared … [Read more...]