Reactions to Jacob Turner’s Designation

Jacob Turner

Why was Jacob Turner released? Let's look at some reactions. Juan Rodriguez at the Sun-Sentinel summed it up this way: Turner showed plenty of flashes, but struggled to string together a run of competitive starts. His biggest issue this season was closing out hitters and innings. Opponents slashed .384/.405/.571 with two outs against him. Including Sunday's loss to the Reds, who tagged him … [Read more...]

Andrew Heaney Ready for Call up


Let the wild speculation begin. Or end. Because folks, it's that time of year when most of the top prospects around baseball get their tickets punched for the big leagues. Why? A lot of it has to do with the "Super 2" status. Arbitration adds financial risk exposure to teams with regards to their treasured prospects. The top 22% of players with more than two years of major league service and … [Read more...]

Tyler Kolek: Marlins Top Pick Begins and Ends with K


The Miami Marlins entered the 2014 draft with quite a stock of young pitching talent. They have the brilliant Jose Fernandez, drafted out of high school in 2011. Although undergoing Tommy John surgery this season, Fernandez future remains very bright after winning NL Rookie of the Year honors last season and putting together one of the best performances by a rookie pitcher of all time. There … [Read more...]

First-round draft pick Colin Moran waited five pitches to make an impression as a Miami Marlins minor leaguer. Moran homered in his first at-bat for Class A Greensboro on Wednesday night, when the third baseman from the University of North Carolina made his professional debut. Drafted with the reputation of being a line-drive gap hitter, Moran sent a 2-2 pitch over the right-field fence. It … [Read more...]

Why Sending Marcel Ozuna and Derek Dietrich Down is a Good Sign for the Marlins Future

The good news is Christmas for Marlins fans has arrived. Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick will make their MLB debuts with the Marlins - most likely as early as tomorrow. Everyone saw this coming and the arrival date of after the All Star break stood true. Yet, it is bitter sweet. Marcel Ozuna and Derek Dietrich, two rookies who have factored very heavily in the Marlins success in June, are … [Read more...]

Marlins’ Christian Yelich records two hits in Futures Game


Yelich records two hits in Futures Game Marlins' top prospect doubles in first run of the contest By Mark Bowman / | 7/14/2013 7:30 P.M. ET NEW YORK -- As the Marlins spent the past few weeks displaying the potential for a much brighter future, their top prospect Christian Yelich was recovering from the latest of the ailments that have slowed his development at the Minor League … [Read more...]

Fish Farm Report: Hitters in Lower End of Marlins System Showing Promise

Looks like the future is starting to get bright. With the infusion of talent at the MLB level that is, well, young and inexperienced, things down in the lower leagues are starting to solidify in exciting ways. At AA Jacksonville, A Jupiter, and even Low A Greensboro, talent is starting to shine in particularly in the batter's box. Let's take a look. Jacksonville (AA) For obvious reasons, we … [Read more...]

Fish Farm: Austin Barnes Showing Offensive Prowess at Jupiter

Frequent readers of our blog know that we have our eyes on Austin Barnes, currently serving as catcher with the Marlins A affiliate Jupiter. There was talk of moving him to 2B because the Marlins may want to utilize his offense more without getting the grind of playing catcher every day. Considering that Barnes is only 5'10" and does not have a big frame, that may be a shrewd idea in the long … [Read more...]

Fish Farm: A Survey of Prospects Heading into June

So June is upon us and there are rumors of players getting ready to be called up. Ever-present is the countdown of Christian Yelich and his arrival to the bigs. The kid continues to play slick OF hitting .272/.350/.538 with an .888 OPS. He has 6 HR and 28 RBI and although he has 46 Ks, he has grabbed 19BBs along the way. Yet over his last 10 games he is batting just .162 with 0 HRs. Despite this … [Read more...]

A Glimpse Into the Future: What Are the Plans for the Marlins Outfield?


We may have a slight problem. Giancarlo Stanton is poised to be coming off the DL soon. He is running on an anti-gravity treadmill - no, it is nothing out of Star Trek, just a vest that he wears while running on a treadmill to take his weight off of his body while he runs. He has been showing signs of progress and should be back sooner rather than later from a Grade 2 hamstring pull. Estimates … [Read more...]