Hanley Ramirez Inks New Deal at OB Site

The future home of the Miami Marlins. Yes, the Miami Marlins. And Hanley Ramirez will be there to christen the new diggs. Ramirez and the Marlins had a press conference at the Orange Bowl site, now being overhauled for the new Marlins stadium that will open in 2011. But as the wrecking balls fly and demolitions tear down a part of Miami history, some new history is being made with the future of … [Read more...]

Hanley Ramirez To Get Long Term Deal

Looks like things are going in the right direction for the Florida Marlins.First they line up a new stadium, which is being designed and in the pre-construction phase at the old Orange Bowl site. Then, with their meager $21M payroll, they are starting to win games and are in sole command of 1st place in the NL East.And now, they are looking to wrap up their rising star, Hanley Ramirez, to a long … [Read more...]

In my opinion: Put down the talking Chihuahua

This was originally written by M. Festa, aka Moneyball: No one threatens the future of the Florida Marlins more than this man. No, I’m not talking about the state Legislature, Manny Diaz, Wayne Huizenga, or even team owner Jeffrey Loria. I am referring to the talking chihuahua named David Samson, who just so happens to be team president. The loudest and most obnoxious (Don’t forget the … [Read more...]

Cabrera Wins Arbitration Case

Miguel Cabrera and the Marlins went to court to settle the arbitration case over what amount Cabrera would be paid for the 2007 season. Would it be $6.7M, the figure the Marlins were pushing for or would it be for $7.4M, the amount Cabrera's representatives felt was fair?The hearing settled on the latter, and the Marlins are out an extra 700K for another years service from Cabrera.Some would say … [Read more...]

Marlins Win Arbitration Case Against Gregg

Newly acquired reliever Kevin Gregg went up against the Marlins in arbitration on Monday, but lost. Not a bad way to start your career with your new employer - in court.Gregg will now earn $575,000 this season instead of the $700,000 he was seeking in arbitration.The Marlins acquired Gregg from the Angels for Chris Resop, and will look to land a spot in the bullpen. He could pitch in a set up … [Read more...]

Cabrera Explains His Absence

And so the drama continues...It seems that the Marlins front office, more specifically David Samson, was trying to smear Miguel Cabrera. In a statement, trying to preserve his image to the fans, he stated, "I'd already [set aside] that date for an appointment related to my father's health. The Marlins informed me just a week before the festival and I couldn't cancel my meeting, and that's what I … [Read more...]