Marlins Win Arbitration Case Against Gregg

Newly acquired reliever Kevin Gregg went up against the Marlins in arbitration on Monday, but lost. Not a bad way to start your career with your new employer - in court.Gregg will now earn $575,000 this season instead of the $700,000 he was seeking in arbitration.The Marlins acquired Gregg from the Angels for Chris Resop, and will look to land a spot in the bullpen. He could pitch in a set up … [Read more...]

Cabrera Explains His Absence

And so the drama continues...It seems that the Marlins front office, more specifically David Samson, was trying to smear Miguel Cabrera. In a statement, trying to preserve his image to the fans, he stated, "I'd already [set aside] that date for an appointment related to my father's health. The Marlins informed me just a week before the festival and I couldn't cancel my meeting, and that's what I … [Read more...]

It’s Arbitration for Cabrera

"You say neither, I say neither, let's call the whole thing off..."Ok, not as poignant if you can't actually hear the words being said, but neither (or neither!) is this whole arbitration process. I have to admit, as a fan, this is a look-the-other-way situation. Especially when it comes down to one of your favorite players and the management of your favorite team. It's like a big fight between … [Read more...]