In a Sea of Villainy, Jeffrey Loria Shows the Way

Is Jeffrey Loria the devil? Or evil mastermind? Or just smarter than we all think?

Lance Armstrong is on Oprah confessing that he cheated. And that he lied about cheating. Notre Dame media darling Manti Te'o, a runner up for the Heisman trophy and heart of the Irish defense, may have been involved in a hoax over a story about a girlfriend that died of leukemia. Somewhere, Jeffrey Loria is sighing relief, smiling in the mirror giving himself an "atta-boy". You see, … [Read more...]

Marlins Facebook Page Not Enjoying Holiday Cheer

Citrus Grove students Yunieski Fonseca wins the 2012 contest for the Marlins Holiday Masterpiece. Via Marlins Facebook page.

Looks like even though the holiday season is upon us, the Marlins are getting no love - or peace - from their ranks of devoted fans. Just check out their Facebook page and you will see each fun topic raised by the administrators of the page shot down with doubt, rancor, and befuddlement. Ahh, 'tis the season to be merry. Shall we examine a few excerpts? Posted on December 26th, Giancarlo … [Read more...]

Shifting Into a New Era

We have been a faithful representation of Marlins fans for a while now; ever since we officially launched this site back in 2005. We have always sought to be a voice for the Marlins fan as it was always painfully obvious that we were underrepresented when it came to the national conversation and the state of Major League Baseball. We were mocked for being a finicky fan base, only embracing our … [Read more...]

The Confusing State of Bobby Valentine: What I Meant to Say…

You know what makes for a great relationship? Communication. Apparently Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins don't get that and would lose out on their Valentine: Bobby V, baby, Bobby V. In what has been probably the most convoluted and confusing situation of any managerial hiring process, or hiring process, Bobby Valentine shed some light on the situation. In fact, it seems that he is still in the … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Loria: Blaming Owner Only Gets You So Far

Last I checked, Jeffrey Loria can't turn a double play much less hit a ball out of the infield. The guy could probably not even make it around the bases at half stride without a chauffeur. So, what is with all the noise about him? Sure, he is the owner of the Marlins franchise. Yes he is a cheapskate that is using his sports franchise as an investment tool and not as a hobby like his fellow … [Read more...]

Valentine Interview Delayed; Fans and Media Need to Stop Whining

The Bobby Valentine interview, and impending hire, is on hold. The Marlins are saying to be patient, that there is a process here and that they want to hire the right guy. I am going to be critical here. Firing Fredi Gonzalez so abruptly without having someone in line shows the Marlins to not really have a plan. Then again, to fire Gonzalez and immediately bring in a new manager means that this … [Read more...]

Much Ado About Nothing: Firing Fredi Gonzalez a Good Thing for Fish

Fredi Gonzalez has 276 on the books, the most of any manager in the brief history of the Marlins. The question is, was he the best manager in Marlins' history? Clearly, no, but in judging from making the rounds reading the media reaction you would think he was. In fact, all of a sudden, it is being likened to another "mistake" of letting Joe Girardi go. Look, Girardi is a fine manager for a … [Read more...]

Fredi Gonzalez Canned

In the backdrop of the latest marketing sensation, the vuvuzela give out, comes even more noise from the Fish - Fredi Gonzalez is out as manager in the middle of his 4th season. But the brass didn't end there, they also let Carlos Tosca and hitting "coach" Jim Presley go (hey MarlinAddict, you happy about that?). Why now in midseason? A quote from Jeffrey Loria, according to the Palm Beach … [Read more...]

…And We’re Back

Ok, so the site has been largely inactive for the better part of 4 months. I know, I know. I am a bad Marlin fan. Truth be told, I am not dead but have been working so hard over these past several months that I have had very little free time to follow up on me Fish. That said, as I am a teacher, the summer will be here soon and I will be fully involved in following the Marlins and opining on … [Read more...]