Is Jeffrey Loria Relinquishing Control?

The best move the Marlins may make this offseason could come without a press release or a player donning a new cap. According to Barry Jackson, the Marlins may be transitioning into a new era with Jeffrey Loria stepping back his presence and control over his club.

Jackson relates, through a source, that Loria is apparently happier with his baseball people these days and the direction of the club.

Loria still sits in the meetings and gives opinions but has apparently concluded, at least so far, that he needs to let his baseball people do their jobs. The staff is now headed up by president of baseball operations Michael Hill, general manager Dan Jennings and three new hires.

The question is whether Loria will be tempted to start meddling again when the season starts or as soon as something goes wrong.

With a promising young rotation and four new starting position players, the Marlins believe they will be much improved from last season’s 100-loss team.

It remains to be seen, Jackson shrewdly suggests, if Loria will remain out of his baseball intelligentsia’s hair. If Loria can manage to stay out of the team’s spotlight and they can start winning again, it may help in bringing fans back to the game as Loria’s presence only polarizes the fan base. Actually, polarizing would mean about as many support him as don’t – and that is clearly not the case. Sign the checks, let your baseball people manage things and look brilliant from afar. It always seems very haunting how much Loria wants to emulate George Steinbrenner – maybe he is finally picking up on some of those lessons.