David Samson Slated to Survive on CBS

If you were ever wondering why the Marlins’ David Samson wasn’t available to the media in July and August of last year, CBS has the answer. Survivor 28 released its roster of potentials for the reality show and among them is the Marlins’ very own team president, David Samson.

Sigh. So how do you communicate to the fans, and your players, that you are focused on winning a championship here in south Florida? By escaping mid-season to go play pretend in the wild for a few weeks to help compete in a reality show, of course.

Do the Marlins have the worst front office in all of sports? Seems a harsh judgement call to make just because your team president is going to be on Survivor. After all, he isn’t the only one making decisions about baseball personnel and in truth, probably has very little to do with the actual product on the field itself. This doesn’t help a whole lot though. Nor does the appearance of Samson’s nips in that intro video. Expect a whole lot more transparency for Samson, and the Marlins, as the show errs, or airs.

If the Marlins can climb back into a winning mode this year, does that then mean Samson’s services are not integral to the team’s success? He is the stepson of owner Jeffrey Loria, after all.

Well, there is one contribution that Samson will definitely let people know about – his ability to make the Miami taxpayers contribute over $350M during a recession for the new ballpark. Stated on his bio for the show:

Personal Claim to Fame: Got local government in Miami to contribute over 350 million dollars to a new baseball park during the recession.

Yikes. Well, he is a manipulative little sucker which means, his odds are pretty good.