Signs of the Apocalypse: Marlins Getting Prime Time Opening Night Treatment on ESPN

Get ready for prime time, Marlins fans.

ESPN is going to show the Marlins opening night game against the Colorado Rockies on March 31st at 7pm on ESPN2. No, really, that’s the truth.

All Marlin fans know that there is a conspiracy by ESPN to never show a Marlins game, highlight, or logo ever on any of their stations. It’s one of the reasons why Joe Girardi left for the Yankees. Why Fredi Gonzalez left for the Braves. Why Miguel Cabrera acted like a drunk to end up on the Detroit Tigers. All of these guys just wanted to be on TV at some point.

But seriously, why would the “world leader” dare to show a 100 loss team on Opening Night? Was the Saltalamacchia signing that much of a head turner? No. Quite simply, this is all about Jose Fernandez. The kid is electric, won NL Rookie of the Year, and will be slated to be the starter on opening night for the Fish. ESPN can even recognize the kid’s greatness, even though Fox failed to during the All-Star game while instead going with a boring interview of reliever Jason Grilli.

This is just the beginning for Jose Fernandez. He is slated for a meteoric rise and it will be interesting to see how he handles the spotlight and the pressure. It is no secret that Scott Boras is his agent and that the Marlins will probably end up dreading all of the extra attention as it will mean they will have to pony up quite a bit to sign him for the long term  – just consider Clayton Kershaw’s deal as a barometer.

Make no mistake, Fernandez puts the Marlins back on the map – even if they may be a year away from serious contention. So enjoy it and remember, being a Marlin fan is like riding a roller coaster. Just enjoy the ride.