Giancarlo Stanton Signs; Marlins Avoid Arbitration

The Friday 1pm arbitration deadline came and went and for the second year in a row, the Marlins avoiding a hearing with any of their players. It was the first time since 2005-2006.

One of the focal points was Giancarlo Stanton’s status – he ended up netting a one year, $6.5M deal; up from his $537K from last season.

Stanton’s numbers were not good enough to really challenge Miguel Cabrera’s first year arbitration team record where he received $7.4M back in 2007 – and was shortly thereafter traded to the Detroit Tigers along with Dontrelle Willis in what has to be one of the worst trades in baseball history.

Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun-Sentinel also reports that Steve Cishek ($3.8M from $500K) and Mike Dunn ($1.4 from $492.5K) also received new deals and avoided arbitration.

Stanton has two years of arbitration left. The Marlins may deal him while his value is high but keeping him seems to be in the immediate plans. A decision should be made at the end of this season as the Marlins did something similar with Hanley Ramirez, basically buying out his arbitration eligible years with a $70M contract. If Stanton produces and stays healthy, and the Marlins make a surge back into the standings behind their strong pitching and improved offense, a deal may be reached. In the meantime, the Marlins will be looking at Marcel Ozuna getting the start in center field and watching to see if Jake Marisnick can make the offensive adjustments to move up to the big league level in the near future. Both players provide very nice insurance pieces for a possible Stanton departure.