Dan Uggla Reunion in the Works?

Grumblings are starting to swirl that Atlanta is open to dealing Dan Uggla, after leaving him off the postseason roster. In fact, Marlins beat writer Joe Frisaro speculated:

If Atlanta can get another team to pick up $6 million of the $26 million Uggla is owed the next two seasons, they’d probably make a deal.

Perhaps to get another club to pick up more of the contract, Atlanta would throw in a prospect. So if the Marlins wanted to do some sort of package, they might be able to get Uggla and another player.

So it is possible that the Marlins could acquire Uggla for the next two seasons for about $6M dollars. Most likely, they would have to throw in a prospect if they wanted to risk less money, but as mentioned they could get another prospect back if they were to eat more of the money. The only question left would be, where would Uggla play? Would the Marlins move him to 3B or keep him at 2B? He isn’t particularly useful defensively there, and that would beg the question about what the Marlins would do with Derek Dietrich and Donovan Solano. A move to 3B would make sense to get his power in the lineup, but defensively he would be a liability at the position. Not sure if this makes any sense, but it would be an interesting move to see His-Name-Is-Dan-Uggla back in Miami, at a spacious park.