Marlins Scouting Jose Dariel Abreu

B0B51258-3CBF-48FB-9A3B-1917DB6A01D2.jpg__680__460__CROPz0x680y460Are the Marlins players in the latest Cuban refugee sweepstakes?

Jose Dariel Abreu is about to become a very rich man. The question is, are the Marlins the team to make him wealthy. According to Juan Rodriguez from the Sun-Sentinel, the Marlins new realigned brass made it out to the Dominican Republic to take in some scouting.

The Marlins are in the market for more offense at 1B, 3B, and even a long term answer at C. Their payroll this past season was moved from $110M down to about $35 which only netted them about 7 more losses. They are the lone team in the bigs to have less than 100 home runs. Getting a potential bat like Abreu would give the Marlins an instant upgrade in power to put in the middle of their lineup.

Scouts estimate he has 30+ home run potential but he is a bat and not going to beat you with any other facet of his game.

He could prove to be a very marketable player in south Florida, too. With Jose Fernandez getting a lot of notoriety this past season with his phenomenal performance and consideration for the NL’s Rookie of the Year award, adding another Cuban refugee like Abreu to the mix may help crank the turnstile a couple more times.

The Marlins need to make this deal. It will cost them money and force them out of their comfort zone in taking a risk on a player whose skills may or may not translate but it would send a hopeful signal to a starving and cynical fan base about the future of this team. It would also help send a message to the players on this team, guys like Giancarlo Stanton, that the Marlins are not just giving lip service to building this team but want to commit to a vision of the future. Maybe, just maybe, they could turn the car around and get Stanton to up for a few more years as well. The Marlins also will have more money to spend on international free agents than most other teams. So the Fish have a pretty good chance to outbid some of the other teams in the mix.