Marlins get 5th no hitter in club history from Henderson Alvarez

thA strange ending to an historical event in Marlins’ history. The game was tied 0-0 and Henderson Alvarez found himself in the awkward position of fist-pumping his final out in the top of the 9th only to realize his team hasn’t won yet.

And not a single teammate rushed the mound either.

It took a wild-pitch to bring in a run (Giancarlo Stanton) from 3B to give the go ahead run. Very typical for the Marlins to struggle to score in a game in which they were no-hitting the opposing team.

But it was an impressive night for Alvarez. He was throwing straight gas – averaging 93 MPH through the 5th inning only to bump up to 94.7 MPH afterwards.

The interview on ESPN was delivered by Koyie Hill, Alvarez’s catcher, mostly because Alvarez can’t speak English well enough to be on TV. Such is the Marlins’ fate; even in victory they manage to get overlooked. “That’s how the Fish roll”, Mike Redmond’s tongue in cheek comment about the offense in the game became the sound bite for ESPN’s Karl Ravech.

Alvarez though joins Al Leiter, Kevin Brown, AJ Burnett, and Anibal Sanchez for the 5th no hitter in Fish history. Not bad considering he was a part of the infamous Blue Jays “fire sale” deal. Alvarez, along with Jose Fernandez, Nathan Eovaldi, and Jacob Turner have the makings of a very strong rotation. Will this up the ante going into the future?