Should there be a ROY for pitchers and position players?

Right now our poll, which is probably very skewed, is 100% in favor of Jose Fernandez winning the NL Rookie of the Year award. And frankly, after a tumultuous year, Marlin fans could use a bright spot and a pat on the back.

Fernandez has become such a tremendous story here in south Florida, but not nationally. One of the main problems is exposure in the media as the Marlins have all but been blacked out because of poor decisions that Loria & Co. have made of late. Then there is the team’s decision to limit his innings. Still Fernandez should not be denied any postseason hardware for his phenomenal debut as a 20 year old Cuban refugee.

Then there is Yasel Puig. He has become a polarizing figure among fans but his contribution cannot be denied. The Dodgers matter again mostly because they rolled the dice on this Cuban refugee who has delivered and given this team a shot in the arm. To not win any postseason hardware would also be a shame.

Maybe a ROY award for a position player and another one for a pitcher is a good idea. It would certainly expand baseball fans’ attention a bit in the dog days of September.

It is an idea that was tossed around over at Might be a good one.