Why Sending Marcel Ozuna and Derek Dietrich Down is a Good Sign for the Marlins Future

The good news is Christmas for Marlins fans has arrived. Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick will make their MLB debuts with the Marlins – most likely as early as tomorrow. Everyone saw this coming and the arrival date of after the All Star break stood true.

Yet, it is bitter sweet. Marcel Ozuna and Derek Dietrich, two rookies who have factored very heavily in the Marlins success in June, are getting sent back the other way to get some more seasoning in the minors. This is a good thing. Normally, a team with the kind of record the Fish have at this point would be desperate to have anyone playing for them with any talent whatsoever. Especially guys who have hit 9 home runs (Dietrich) and lead the team in RBIs (Ozuna’s 32). But with Dietrich’s smudge-over .200 average and Ozuna’s recent 3-38 slump, it seems these guys have hit a wall. Instead of forcing them to play through their mistakes, the Marlins are doing what any other team with depth would do – send them down and play guys who deserve to be in the lineup more.

Donovan Solano and Ed Lucas will man 2nd base. The Marlins will have Marisnick manning CF with Justin Ruggiano getting some platoon time out there, too. And right now, the Marlins’ outfield looks very deep. Marisnick, Ruggiano, Yelich, Juan Pierre, and Giancarlo Stanton. Chris Coghlan has been working his way back, too. Depending on how things go, Ozuna is going to have a tough time getting consistent playing time up with the big club anyway.

The depth and the fact that the Marlins don’t have to rely on these two young players means things are moving in the right direction for this franchise. The Fish also have to take stock of what they have in Marisnick and Yelich. Are they the fixutres that the Marlins envision? If they show that promise at the big league level, things get better considering where things may be at with Giancarlo Stanton heading into the future.

Dietrich and Ozuna will get their time to shine again. They are very much a part of the Marlins’ future as even Larry Beinfest admitted after making the announcement over this transaction. Dietrich has a very steady glove at 2B and his bat will develop into a plus offense. The only question is, will the Marlins consider pushing him over to 3B if Solano gets back to the promise he showed last season? Then you have Colin Moran breathing down his neck while getting some PT down in the minors until he makes his anticipated debut.

These are all great problems for the Marlins to have. The reaction of fans being confused is also positive because at the start of the season – who really knew who Ozuna and Dietrich where in the first place? Let alone knew what they could do.