Are Fans Turning Against LoMo?

th-2Maybe its because of his tweets and the freeness with which he shares his opinions, but Logan Morrison is starting to rub even Marlin fans the wrong way. Yes, fans of a team that could desperately use some power in their lineup are starting to turn away from a guy who could provide more pop.

Maybe it is all the self promoting? Guess who has another charity project starting up? Why not; being on the DL for 60 days certainly must involve some thumb twiddling. And of course, we all know that Morrison lost his father to cancer – lung cancer. One side of this story that isn’t told publicly is apparently how Jeffrey Loria secured a private jet for their family during this critical time. It was also his father’s death that certainly shattered Morrison’s personal life and the tale has been shared publicly with Marlin fans and others across baseball. It is a cause that Morrison is very passionate about.

So, you’d think a guy who suffered an immense loss and is a likeable figure on the field would be a hit with Marlin fans yet, he’s slowly becoming the poster child of what was wrong with the Marlins in recent history. Full of promise, but short on results. All sizzle but no substance. LoMo got in trouble for several tweets in the past. There was the breastfeeding debacle that made him look like an insensitive ass. Then there was the suggestion that LoMo was being demoted in 2011 because of his tweets. Not the fact that he was hitting .249 and seemed to lose his way at the plate. His agent suggested it was something else; Larry Beinfest was esoteric in saying Morrison needed to focus on baseball.

Yet, “Trader” Jack McKeon’s words may have proved more prophetic than salty:

“You’ve got to leave your distractions at the door,” McKeon said. “Too many young guys come into the game today and think they’ve got it made. They’re the darlings of the media and they want to run their mouth instead of tending to business. The record books are full of one- and two-year phenoms.”

Recently, Morrison drew the ire of more fans for his comments on Jason Collins’ coming out party. The blog, StripClubWithStanton (appropriately named) attacked Morrison for a seemingly insensitive tweet about possibly receiving fashion advice from a potentially gay teammate.

The MarlinsDaily cataloged LoMo’s incessant annoyance via Twitter and also remarked that this was how Morrison is “branding” himself. Yet Morrison has always been “honest” or at the very least, transparent with his opinions. Here he is commenting openly about disagreeing with the firing of then hitting coach, John Mallee.

It would seem someone doesn’t get it. Morrison continues to spout off at the mouth via Twitter and gets himself into unnecessarily hot water. He seems to think it is his prerogative to share his opinions with everyone else and frankly, it is for this very reason Twitter is successful. People don’t necessarily want inspiring, uplifting tweets, they want garbage and things that tear others down. That is how our society works today and anyone who doesn’t realize that, well, they are just being blind. That said, it is surprising that Morrison continues to tweet AND underperform. Does he realize that no one cares about his tweets precisely because he has no real success in MLB?

Dave Samson noted that no one would care about his tweets if they were coming from New Orleans. Right now, it looks like Morrison will resort to anything in order to tread the water of relevancy. Let’s hope he has a speedy recovery so we can find out once and for all if he is a servicable big leaguer who is more than just bombastic tweets. If anything, we could find ourselves wanting Ozzie Guillen back if that was all Marlin fans wanted.