Marlins Get Second Win in a Row in 15 Innings

It was a late comeback. The Marlins had to score 2 runs in the bottom of the 15th to get it, too, but it did come – the first time this year the Marlins were able to win two in a row. Tonight, they will go for – wait for it – three in a row. That’s right, math skills folks.

But seriously, in a crazy game where Giancarlo Stanton pulled a hammy, Juan Pierre was beaned on his elbow, and Ruben Tejada was unable to walk on 4 balls, the Marlins were able to scrap away and get that win late night style. In fact, they were able to get the win without their marquee player suiting up – which is just the way the 2013 Marlins roll these days.

They are starting to hit the ball and even though they will spend the next 15 days without Giancarlo Stanton, they will look to establish runs through scrappy hitting and excellent pitching. This team still is snake bitten, but maybe they are turning the corner.