Joe Mahoney Drawing Raves; Could Provide Much Needed Power to Offense

th-1If he keeps hitting like this, his nickname should be “Bazooka” Joe Mahoney.

Through Saturday, Mahoney was 3 for 6 with RISP. He hit his first big league home run, too. His .276 AVG shows a modest ability to be successful in the box, but he he drawing raves from his staff. Mike Redmond speculates about Mahoney fitting into the 4th slot – behind Giancarlo Stanton.

“That’s what is kind of intriguing about him. He’s got all that pop, but he can shorten his swing up and punch a ball up the middle or punch a ball the other way.¬†Ultimately out of your No. 4 hitter, we’d love to have him put it in the seats, but I don’t know that he really is a No. 4 hitter. That’s kind of what we’re trying to find out.”

At 6’6″, he is the Marlins tallest first baseman since, well, Derek Lee. Lee had a long, loopy swing that could yield power but also lots of strike outs. Mahoney seems to be able to adapt and has a pretty good approach at the plate. Whether or not that can translate into long term success remains to be seen but with Logan Morrison and Casey Kotchman both working their way back, Redmond is looking to give Mahoney his shot. And let’s face it, no one is fooled into believing that Greg Dobbs is the interim starter – his role is better suited to coming off the bench.

If Mahoney can continue to impress and drive the ball, he may make things a little easier to bear until Morrison comes back. If he becomes a quick study, he may push Morrison to surrender some playing time. Heck, he may even finally fool old Hightower, too.