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Enough about Jeffrey Loria, the slashed payroll, and the struggles of the offense. The Marlins are, yes, struggling to score runs and as we already discussed, that trend won’t last – but don’t expect it to go completely the other way, too. That is, not until bats like Christian Yelich come online.

Jacob Turner is Struggling – looks like the control issues continue to plague the arm that was supposed to be the #2 starter on this staff. Truthfully, the Marlins made the right call as he continues to work on locating his pitches and getting his velocity back.

Speaking of the Tigers/Marlins trade from last season, it was thought that Turner’s success was necessary for the Fish to break even. Truthfully, a deal with the Tigers will never ever break even just for the sheer fact that they have Miguel Cabrera. That said, Brian Flynn is helping the Marlins come out ahead on this version of the deal. Along with Rob Brantly, the Marlins did acquire some solid MLB ready prospects. Flynn is progressing nicely which offers a bit of hope even though Turner is struggling.

Mark Canha is struggling at AA Jacksonville. He has shown pretty good power (25 HRs in 2011 at Greensboro) but questions abound over his consistency against tougher pitching. Stay tuned.

Who got the better end of the trade? The Blue Jays or the Marlins? Jose Reyes injury does affect this question. Chime in and share your thoughts with us.