Marlins 2nd Win As Easy As Putting on a Jacket

jose-fernandez-jacketJose Fernandez didn’t get his first win as a pro, but he definitely earned it. He pitched 6 innings, striking out 5 and only walking 2 while limiting the Phillies on the basepaths and off the scoreboard. Just to push the issue a bit, he also knocked in the go ahead run, Adeiny Hechavarria from 3rd base, to plead his case.

But the Marlins would prevail. With Placido Polanco on 3rd base, and one out, Chris Coghlan hit a weak grounder right at Chase Utley who couldn’t handle the ball and led to a head first slide for Polanco to get the win.

Walk off win? Nah. The Marlins stumbled off with this win, escaping the inning-ending double play. Instead of getting its 2nd win, and his first via the “Cuban Connection”, the Marlins were looking at their 10th loss of the season. The win seemed to escape them much like the Donovan Solano throw from 2nd base did – way off target.

In the end, it was as easy as putting on a jacket. Jose Fernandez in the 5th, after his single, decided to put on a jacket to stay warm. It took forever as the 20 year old rookie, who seemed to handle the Phillies lineup with ease, was far from smooth trying to put the jacket on.

After the game, Mike Redmond quipped, “Good news is, Fernandez just got his coat off.” Perhaps Fernandez’s nickname should be “el Matador” for the way he tames bats out there – and jackets.

Enjoy the gif and enjoy the win, Marlins fans. We need a little humor these days and Jose Fernandez seems to offer a fresh take for this team and its fans.