Are the Marlins Snakebitten? Marlins Offense Heading In Right Direction

Look, it can’t get any worse.

Getting swept by the Braves and suffering a 13-2 defeat over three games is definitely not the way to make a splash with your already downtrodden and cynical fan base. But there are signs of improvement and ope for the future for the Marlins.

Take a quick look at the team’s strikeouts. The Marlins, as a team, have 61 Ks in 321 ABs. That ranks them 28th in the entire league. That is also a 19% rate for this team. Last season, to put this in perspective, the Marlins amassed 1228 Ks in 5437 ABs for a 23% rate. It is a small sample size, yes, but it is to point out the team is making contact – they are currently 7th in MLB in this category.

The Marlins are last in the league though in Hits per Run. They are needing 3.94 hits for each run which ranks them dead last in MLB. Last year they generated a run every 2.18 hits. The top in the league, right now, is the NY Mets with 1.45 hits per run. This trend, for the Marlins though, won’t last. They will get more efficient in generating runs as their power numbers and extra base hit numbers improve. Only 0.6% of their hits are home runs this year, as opposed to 2.3% last year. Although the Fish most likely won’t reach those numbers from last year, they will most certainly improve (1.7% is not unattainable, although not great either). As for their extra base hit percentage, it is currently 4.2%, last in the league. Last season the Marlins averaged 7.2% of their hits for extra bases. Last year the Dodgers were last in the league at 6.7%; something the Marlins should also improve upon.

Although the Marlins are not exactly efficient in scoring runs, they are putting the ball into play and not striking out too much. Sooner or later, the hits will start falling and the likelihood of getting multiple hits in an inning increase. Again, it can’t get any worse for the Fish and we know they just won’t be hitting towering home runs to score in bunches but their offensive output should improve significantly as the season rolls along. If they can continue to sustain their pitching and defense outputs, the wins will come. Right now it does appear as though the Marlins are a little bit snake bitten in regards to their offense.