Why Not Grady Sizemore?

grady-sizemoreJustin Ruggiano is out for a bit, so the competition for CF is intensifying. The Marlins could actually add a recognizable name – for cheap – and with no risk. Grady Sizemore is still a free agent and available.

Could be a good pairing. The Marlins are trotting out there Chris Coghlan to see if the former 2009 ROY is back to where he was prior to his knee injury in 2010. He is healthy and looking like he just might be right where he needs to be and could be a sleeper for the upcoming season. That said, you can never have enough depth and Sizemore would give the Fish another guy to man the outfield until Christian Yelich, Jake Marisnick, and Marcell Ozuna are ready.

Fish Bites made an interesting pitch on this idea and although it remains to be seen if the Marlins are even considering this, it would be a good fit for the Marlins and Sizemore – a good looking kid who could fit real well on the South Florida scene. More importantly, the Marlins would not have to risk much to get  him on the roster, and both parties would benefit from a year contract just to see if Sizemore can make a comeback from his knee surgery – much like Coghlan is doing now. A three time All Star is not easy to come by, and Sizemore was arguably the face of the Indians’ franchise in the early 2000s. Only 31, he could still defend and put together some solid numbers while working his way back into full time play. A platoon of he and Ruggiano would limit exposure, and Sizemore’s lefty bat would also help alleviate any matchup problems the Marlins face down the line. He could also provide some veteran leadership, and on a team with Placido Polanco, Juan Pierre, and Chone Figgins, the Marlins just may have a solid veteran nucleus to help transition these young players into everyday professionals. Add Sizemore makes a lot of sense and would make the Marlins a bit more competitive in camp as well as on the field.